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DataTraveler Bolt Duo can help free up storage space on your iPhone or iPad

Storage space doesn’t come cheap on Apple devices. For example, a 64GB version of the upcoming iPhone X costs $999; a 256GB model is $1,149. Pricing for a 64GB iPad Pro (10.5 inches) starts at $649; the price of a 512GB model starts at $999.

You can help alleviate a lack of storage space with the DataTraveler Bolt Duo, Kingston Digital’s first dual interface USB with a Lightning connector for smartphones and tablets. Capacities allow for storing up to 8,000 photos (the 32GB for $59.99), 16,000 photos (64GB for $89.99) and 32,000 photos (128GB for $119.99). New photos and videos taken with your iOS device can be sent directly to the Bolt. 

The front of the flash drive has a standard Lightening connector, while the backside packs a USB 3.0 port. This makes it very easy to transfer files back to your Mac. Plus the Bolt is easy to take with you, thanks to its slim form factor, protective rubber case and keyring. 

To use the storage device, you’ll need to download the free Bolt app (for iOS 9.0 and higher) at the Apple App Store. It allows you to maintain separate indexes for each device you use, which is a fantastic feature as you can backup multiple iOS devices and still use the drive for saving other data from your computer. The backups won’t interfere with each other.

The Bolt app is also used to transfer the images, remove them from your iDevice’s internal memory, and save a copy on the Bolt. You can also transfer images off the drive onto your iPhone or iPad. Video is also supported, but iOS has limited support for video file formats.

The Bolt does add some bulk to your iPhone or iPad, and some folks won’t like this. Plus, the drive and its software has limitations. For example, you can’t save apps on it or deal with external files. 

If those are what’s eating into your iPhone or iPad’s storage space, the Bolt won’t help. But if its photos and videos that are taking up lots of space (and I’d bet those are the culprits), the Bolt may be just what you need.

Dennis Sellers
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