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Daily Deals: A Roundup of [Fuse]Chicken Armour Steel Charging Cables

Wow, we not only have a deal for you today, but three deals! Here at Apple World Today, we’re big fans of [Fuse]Chicken, the company that makes products (Bobine, Armour, Blackout and Titan) that use steel shielding to create incredibly strong and tangle-free charging cables. Our three deals today include the Armour Charge 2-meter Steel Charging Cable for $32.95 (regularly $44.95), the Armour Travel Charging Keychain for $29.99 (normally $39.95), and the Armour Loop Charging iOS Cable for $19.95 (usually $29.95).

You’ll never have to worry about any of the [Fuse]Chicken Armour cables fraying or ripping. Take the Armour Charge 2-meter Steel Charging Cable (image above) — it’s wrapped in a 100% stainless steel woven sheath and has rugged aluminum housings for the USB and Lightning connectors. The cable also comes in a 1-meter version for just $24.95.

Tired of rummaging through your backpack or briefcase for a charging cable? The Armour Travel Charging Keychain is always at your fingertips, attached to your keychain. Like the other Armour products, the Travel uses woven stainless steel cable, and it’s housed in an aluminum case. 

The Armour Loop (above) uses a unique attachment to turn your charging cable into a tangle-free loop. Like its siblings, the cable is covered with woven stainless steel for durability and strength.

Our deals don’t last forever, so use those links in the beginning of this post to point your browser to our Deals Shop.


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