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Daily Apple Headlines for October 17, 2019

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British Woman Discovers Major Flaw In Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Authentication

As you’re probably aware, I love to reveal any flaw in Samsung products, which is why I’m laughing about this story. A British woman accidentally discovered a major flaw in the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone in which any fingerprint can unlock the device. She had applied a cheap screen protector to the display of the S10, then found that she could use any finger to unlock the phone. She called in her husband — who was not set up to unlock the devices with his fingerprint — and he was able to unlock it with a tap. Samsung now says it is “aware of the case of S10’s malfunctioning fingerprint recognition and will soon issue a software patch.” So much for Samsung’s claims back in March that the under-screen fingerprint authentication is “revolutionary”.

iOS 13 Being Adopted At A Fast Rate

iOS 13 is being adopted quickly by iPhone users. Apple released data on the App Store Developers page, showing that the new operating system is installed on 55% of all iPhones introduced during the past 4 years and 50% of all iOS devices. That’s after less than a month of being released on September 19th.

Apple is “Best Global Brand of 2019”

Consulting firm Interbrand has listed Apple as the Best Global Brand of 2019, showing a brand value of $234 billion dollars, up 9% from last year. Google is in the number two spot at $167 billion, up 8% from 2018, while Amazon is in third place at $125 billion. Amazon showed a much improved position over the previous year by increasing its brand value by 24%. Interbrand creates the value list based on an analysis of Brand Strength factors, and says that Apple is particularly strong in Governance, Engagement and Differentiations.

TSMC Increasing Capital Expenditures by $5B on Bullish 5G Forecasts

TSMC, the company that makes the Apple-designed A13 chip found in the latest crop of iPhones, is reporting stronger than expected smartphone demand. Based on its in-house forecasts about the demand for 5G models, TSMC says that it will increase capital expenditures by about $5 billion over previous forecasts. TSMC makes almost half of its revenue from the sale of components for smartphones, and it appears that the future is bright for the company.

Apple Patents Method to Compensate for Hand Movement

In our last story for today, Apple has patented a way to steady items on an iPhone screen when the user’s has are shaking. The method described in the patent compensates for hand movements to keep whatever is being views steady and in one place despite the motion. Those who are elderly, disabled, or suffering from diseases such as Parkinson’s often lack the capability to hold a device steady enough to use the device. The proposed solution uses motion detectors and then moves screen content so that it is aligned with the user’s gaze. Whether or not the patent will be used in a future operating system or device is unknown, but this does appear to be an excellent solution to a problem facing an aging population.

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