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Creaceed Carbo: Apple World Today sponsor of the week

This week we’re proud to have Creaceed as our sponsor. Based in Belgium, the company has made a name for itself over the years with impressive apps for Mac such as Hydra, Prizmo, Elasty, and Morph Age, as well as amazing iOS apps like Hydra, Prizmo, Emulsio, and Vocalia. Last week, Creaceed introduced a new universal iOS app that brings handwritten notes to life as pixel-free, annotated digital masterpieces — Carbo (US$7.99, launch price of $3.99).

We’ll have a full review of Carbo in the near future, but for now let it suffice to say that if you love taking handwritten notes and want a way to organize, annotate, clean up and beautify those notes, Carbo is the way to do it. Here’s an explanatory video:

Initially, you capture your notes with Carbo, which cleans it up and displays it in a clear black and white image. Advanced image processing creates gorgeous pixel-free renderings of those notes, which can then be edited: select a note or drawing, move/rotate/scale it, change the line thickness, or even erase parts of the note.

The notes are sync-able to many favorite cloud services: iCloud, Dropbox, or Evernote (beta). Annotations and tags let allow searching of the notes in seconds. Sharing takes the cleaned-up note, adds an export style (chalk and blackboard, blueprint, letterpress, or Pop Art), and then enables sharing through AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, iCloud Photo Sharing, and more.

Why try taking notes with a cumbersome stylus directly on an iPad or iPhone when it’s much simpler to use a pen or pencil to sketch them onto a piece of paper, then capture, clean up and share them with Carbo? Based on our beta testing of the app, Carbo is an app that you’ll find yourself using a lot.

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