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COVID-19 Stressing You Out? Chill with a 1-Year Subscription to the Unplug Meditation App

For most of us, there’s never been a more stressful time than the last few months. If you’re finding yourself stressed out, anxious, and unable to sleep, the Unplug Meditation App ($39) can help you with over 700 guided meditation sessions designed to let you relax, sleep better and feel great.

Enjoy a 1-year subscription to the Unplug Meditation app! Unplug is the world’s first drop-in meditation studio, with thousands of people walking through the door every month, and a class line-up that is simple, modern, interesting, and engaging. In this app, you’ll find 700+ guided meditation sessions for any situation, led by 60+ expert teachers. Create custom playlists, keep a meditation journal, set goals and reminders, and track your progress. Join thousands of users in the Unplug community to relax, sleep better, and feel good every single day. 

  • 700+ meditation videos so that you feel connected

  • Variety of focus: mindfulness, guided imagery, soundbaths, hypnosis, breathwork & more

  • World renowned meditation teachers who specialize in relaxation & transformation

  • Gratitude journal, progress tracker, timer, & statistics

4.9/5 stars on App Store: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Featured in The New York Times, Vogue, Forbes, Goop, Good Morning America and more

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