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Complete MyMixApps Mac app bundle only $19.99

The Complete MyMixApps Mac App Bundle includes three apps for downloading content, managing files, and shredding things. Now, thanks to a new Apple World Today deal, you can get a copy for 70% off the regular price.

The bundle includes:


PullTube is the only online media downloader you’ll ever need. It allows you to:

  • Download any video, audio, playlist, subtitles from over 1000+ websites!
  • Trim YouTube videos on the fly or just save audio streams to MP3 or M4A
  • 8K, 4K, & 60 fps videos are supported
  • Supports HEVC (h265), VP9/8, AV1 video codecs
  • Smart browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • HTTP/SOCKS proxy support for location restricted downloads
  • Gesture & shortcut friendly interface is super easy to use!


  • Listed as one of the Best Mac Apps to Boost Productivity! (2022) 
  • Softpedia: “Download videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, including entire playlists, preserving the original format or extracting only the audio”
  • “PullTube is versatile for downloading video. It supports YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Bandcamp Youku and more.”


FilePane — a small, but versatile file management utility, that works via a drag-and-drop pattern. How does it work? FilePane lives in your menu bar and can be triggered either by a dragging event or a customizable shortcut. The “drop here” window appears near your cursor, as soon as you start to drag. Drop your file there and based on its file type select one of the quick actions available:

  • Crop, rotate, resize, convert, & compress images on the fly
  • Freehand drawing is available for images or screenshots
  • Content sharing (e-mail, Twitter, Facebook) & AirDrop
  • Set, store desktop pictures
  • Copying/moving files to custom user destinations
  • Copy file size or path to clipboard
  • Converting Text documents to PDF
  • Create new Folders, RTF, TXT, Excel, & Word files, where you need them, and start editing, in just 2 clicks
  • Save highlighted text to TXT;
  • Copy it to the clipboard
  • See the word & glyph count, or share it

Every single action is just one-two clicks away! 


  • Macworld: “For creative professionals—especially those with work that involves a social media or online content component—FilePane (Mac App Store link) can be a true timesaver thanks to its quick access to various helpful actions via a handy and inventive drag-and-drop approach.”
  • CNET: “For drag and droppers, FilePane is a convenient, time-saving utility.”
  • Softpedia: “A lightweight, unobtrusive and practical application that makes it easy for you to move, archive, resize and share images as well as files.”


Shredo — file shredding and privacy scan utility for Mac. It permanently shreds files, folders, and external volumes’ contents to keep information secure and impossible for anyone to retrieve. Depending on security level and data erase speed, you have 3 shredding methods at your disposal:

Medium: “Happy and excited to introduce you to Shredo — file shredding and privacy scan utility for Mac.”

  • 1-pass. Offers good security and quickest erase of data. It deletes access information to your files & writes random bytes over the data ONCE
  • 7-pass. Slower speed, but better security than 1-pass. Writes over data 7 times, based on US Department of Defence (DoD) 5220–20 M standard algorithms
  • 35-pass. Slowest, but offers best security. Erases file access info and writes over the data 35 times, based on the Gutmann method for deletion

Core Features

  • Make sensitive data irrecoverable
    • Write random bytes over data once
    • Algorithm based on Department of Defence 5220-20 M
    • 35-pass Gutman method
  • Privacy clean up. Remove cookies, history, & other privacy threats in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Brave
  • Secure empty trash. Empty trash with one of the shredding methods
  • Dark flexible interface. Enjoy the dark mode. Flip interface between vertical & horizontal layout

Terms of the Deal

Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.

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