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Check out our Black Friday deals…and get another 20% discount off the already low prices!

It’s finally here – Black Friday, and you’re hopefully sitting in front of your Mac or lounging in bed with an iPad instead of standing in a crowd in front of a big box store. We’ve got a TON of deals for you that are already incredibly good, but if you use the coupon code BFRIDAY20 you’ll be able to take another 20% off the price tag at checkout. Remember, when you buy from the Apple World Today Deals Shop, you’re also supporting the site.

Let’s get rollin’ on the Black Friday deals!

Our readers LOVE this 3-pack of 10-foot MFi-certified Lightning Cables and it’s been one of our biggest sellers in the AWT Deals Shop. Our Black Friday price is $16.99, and if you use the coupon code BFRIDAY20 that price melts down to $13.60. Are you kidding me? That’s like $4.53 each for 10 foot cables. Even if you don’t buy them for yourself, get ’em as a holiday gift.

Next up is RevolCam, the multi-lens photo revolution for smartphones! It has three quality lenses, a detachable and controllable LED light, and fits on any iPhone…or any smartphone for that matter. Rather than carrying around a pocketful of lenses and an external light, RevolCam works quickly and easily to give you the best possible photos in any situation. It’s already a bargain at $34.99 — use coupon code BFRIDAY20 and knock the price down to just $27.99.

If you didn’t take advantage of Rob Percival’s Ultimate iOS 11 and Swift developer training bundle on Wednesday, don’t get upset — get the iOS 10 / Swift 3 Starter Bundle. At $45, you get 205 online lessons that give you training that can be used as a foundation to learn how to code for any future versions of iOS…including iOS 11. Remember to use coupon code BFRIDAY20 at checkout, and the price drops to just $36.

Our friends at Fuse Chicken make one of the most useful and flexible iPhone docks in the world — the BOBINE FLEX. Bend it, shape it, use it in your car, home or office. Whatever shape you put it into, it keeps! Now, the BOBINE FLEX would be a bargain at $24.99, which is 28% off the regular price. But use that BFRIDAY20 coupon code when you check out, and the price is only $19.99.

Selfie drones are THE big gift of the season, and now you can get one without breaking the bank. We’ve got the incredibly small SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Drone on sale for $64. This thing is insane! It fits inside of the controller when not being used, uses your iPhone for viewing and recording video and photos, and it can even be flown indoors. If you’ve been wanting a selfie drone or the kids have been hounding you for one, the SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Drone is a perfect choice. $64 is a lot less expensive than that $499 DJI Spark you’ve had your eye on, and if you use the BFRIDAY20 coupon code at checkout, the price tag is even less — $51.20!

Next up is another Deals Shop favorite — The Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle. This bundle can give you the skills you need to make your resumé shine by adding skills in Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Python, Java, HTML5 and CSS3, Angular with TypeScript, Xamarin, iOS 10 and Objective-C, SQL programming with SQL Server, and practical web programming. Buy it once for $49, and you have access to the courses to get your skills up to date. Oh, and there’s that little 20% off coupon we have — BFRIDAY20. Slap that code into the spot during checkout and guess what? The price tag drops to $39.20.

This next item is the only deal we have that doesn’t take advantage of that special coupon code. Why? Because they’ve already lopped 24.5% off the price! The OMNIA TA502 Travel Adaptor is perfect for travelers, since it lets you plug in and charge your electronics in over 150 countries worldwide. It’s a stylish cube that can let you get rid of all of those other adapters, and it even comes with its own travel bag. It’s just $36.99 during our Black Friday deals!

You’ve seen our previous articles about virtual private networks, and how they can keep your data hidden and encrypted even when you’re on an unsecured network. And we’ve had some great deals in the past for VPN Unlimited, one of the best VPN service providers in the world. Now we’ve got a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for $49.99. A whopping 11,212 reviewers have given VPN Unlimited a 4-1/2 star rating. Can you afford not to have a VPN subscription as we charge into 2018? Remember to use that BFRIDAY20 coupon code while checking out and the price drops to $39.99.

Next, are you tired of Lightning cables that fray and break? We are too, which is why we’re excited about the new Snakable Armored MFi-Certified Lightning Cable. This $14.99 cable has a patented ball and joint assembly on each end that allows the cable to endure a lot of stress without breaking. At 4 feet, it’s a good length for charging your iPhone or iPad, and it’s covered by a 3-year replacement warranty. As if $14.99 was already a good price (half the usual price), we’re going to give you an additional 20% off if you use the BFRIDAY20 coupon code. 

We have the sads, because this is our last Black Friday deal… We’ve had bargains on a lifetime subscription to Zoolz Cloud Storage before, but none have been as good as this. You get a lifetime of 1TB instant vault storage and 1TB of cold storage for $39.99. With the usual Zoolz pricing and an average lifetime, you’d spend $3,600 for this much cloud storage. We’ve knocked the pricing to the ground and you’re the recipient of one heck of a deal. We’ll sweeten that deal by letting you use that BFRIDAY20 coupon code to take another 20% off the top to take the price down to $31.99!

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