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CHANGEdesk is an affordable, adjustable height desk option

Some health experts think the most dangerous thing most of us do every day is sit. Like smoking, they believe prolonged sitting is bad and can’t be overcome by exercise. Several studies have drawn connections between sitting too long and diabetes, hypertension, some forms of cancer, anxiety, and a generally greater probability of early death — though, admittedly, some studies question those other studies. 

But, hey, standing more can’t be a bad thing. The CHANGEdesk — a no-assembly required, ready-for-use conversion unit that’s placed on top of any desk or table and allows for movement between sitting and standing in just a few seconds without having to move the mouse and monitor — can help. And it now costs $129.99, down from its original price of $249.99.

The tri-tiered panels lift or lower easily to five different heights ranging from 4.5 inches to 21.5 inches to ensure monitors are properly positioned at eye-level. These optimally designed lightweight tiers can be manually lifted or raised electrically depending on the product model.

The patented design is ideal for all types of computers including laptops, desktops and iMacs and supports two monitors of up to 21 inches (as long as each is under 30 pounds).

CHANGEdesk sports an adjustable built in keyboard tray and ambidextrous mouse pad. f you’re looking for an adjustable height desk at a price that doesn’t break the bank, it’s worth a look.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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