Tuesday, November 28, 2023

CaptionSaver Pro Lifetime Subscription Deal

CaptionSaver Pro on sale

Focus on your meeting. CaptionSaver Pro ($24.99) takes care of your notes. It’s a Chrome extension that automatically saves Google Meet live captions to Google Docs. Pro comes with features such as highlighting and timestamps to enhance the automated note-taking capabilities, so you can focus your attention on your meetings. Never miss a word again!

Featured on Product Hunt with 213 upvotes

How CaptionSaver Pro Works

  1. Join any meeting as you normally would
  2. CaptionSaver will turn on captions for you once you join the meeting, so you don’t have to click anything
  3. CaptionSaver will save the caption transcript as your meeting goes on
  4. Click the Chrome extension to view the captured captions
  5. Click on “Save To Drive” or “Download .TXT” to get a copy of the entire meeting’s captions
  6. If you’re on Pro, you can Auto-Save to Google Drive!
CaptionSaver Pro lets you edit and share captions in Google Docs

CaptionSaver Pro

  • Unlimited Auto Saves to Google Drive
  • Highlighting
  • Timestamps
  • Download .TXT

Product Hunt lauded CaptionSaver Pro as being one of the most innovative time-saving Chrome extensions ever. By leveraging the power of Google Meet Live Captions and capturing the text that’s generated, users can focus on the content of a meeting and not on taking notes.

All caption captures are timestamped, so you know exactly at what date and time a note was capture. Get it today!