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Brydge: A tale of good customer support

When a new gadget fails the knee-jerk reaction is one of anger. You paid good money for something and you expect it to keep working forever. The reality is that no matter what the device may be, a certain percentage of them will fail. When that happens the response of the customer support folks can go a long way to making the unhappy customer get back on board.

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This happened to me recently. The BrydgeAir keyboard for the iPad Air 2, which I have been very happy with, died completely. It worked one day and the next morning wouldn’t power on at all. Charging it didn’t change things, the unit was totally without power.

I went to the Brydge web site and filed a complaint as instructed. A few hours later I was contacted by customer support via email for more information, and we went back and forth a couple of times.

Convinced it was indeed dead with no way forward, the rep emailed me a shipping label with the RMA#. I shipped it back right away and waited for the replacement.

Just a few days later the brand new replacement showed up and I’m a happy camper. I noticed right away that this keyboard had LED indicators working properly, something that the original device didn’t have. I believe that one was not right from the beginning, even though it served as a good keyboard for weeks.

I am pleased with the response I got from the folks at Brydge and would recommend its products. There will always be some gadgets that fail, and customer support can make a bad situation good again.

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