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‘Bon Appétit’ shoots the annual May travel issue cover on an iPhone 7 Plus

First, Condé Nast Traveler announced it had shot its first magazine cover with an iPhone 7 Plus. Now Bon Appétit, the publication where “food and culture meet,” says it’s done the same. 

The magazine shot the cover of its May travel issue using the Apple smartphone. Creative director Alex Grossman ventured to Oaxaca, Mexico’s Tlacolula Market in search of a way to photograph the issue issue. With a dual-camera system and wide color capture, iPhone 7 Plus captured a beautiful image that reflects the way many of us take and share our travel pictures today, he says.

“The iPhone lens is how we look at photography now,” says Grossman. “It changes the whole process and feel of a photo shoot, making it more intimate, less invasive, more nimble. We wanted to create something our reader would relate to.”

Celebrated photographers Peden + Munk were selected to shoot the May cover for their adventurous and innovative style, which has been a favorite in the pages of Bon Appétit.

“Shooting the well is one thing. Shooting the cover is another,” says Grossman. “This is technology completely changing how the publishing and design industries are moving forward.”

Dennis Sellers
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