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BodyGuardz announces protective screens for Apple’s new iPad Pros

BodyGuardz has released two protective glass screen protectors, along with a protective film, for the Apple’s 2020 iPad Pro Pros (both 12.5″ and 11″ models). They include:

° BodyGuardz Pure 2 (US$69.95): Pure 2 uses a family of glass called aluminosilicate, which is more scratch-resistant, reduces scratch visibility and has better after-scratch durability than traditional soda-lime glass screen protectors, according to Kirk Feller, president and CEO of BodyGuardz.

° Pure 2 EyeGuard ($69.95): Pure 2 EyeGuard is protective aluminosilicate glass with the addition of a blue-light filter. EyeGuard technology filters up to 43% of the harmful blue-light rays emitted from electronic devices that can cause digital eye strain, eye fatigue and headaches.

° UltraTough ($24.95): UltraTough is a “self-healing” film that creates a transparent protective barrier, eliminates scratches caused by frequent daily use. Feller says that UltraTough is perfectly aligned on the screen during application—ensuring protection that doesn’t interfere with user experience.

All BodyGuardz screen protectors and full-body skins are backed by the company’s Advantage Program, which provides free screen protector replacements for only the cost of shipping. 

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