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Best Apps To Download On Your iPhone In 2022

In nearly two decades of incredible growth, Apple released several iPhone models that dominate the market for mobile phones. Recently, the company announced the newest model — the iPhone 14 with high-resolution cameras, multiple unique features, connectivity to other Apple products, and more. The demand for these phones is showcased online with the growing interest in consumers updating their current phones.

Consequently, the App Store housed over 3.5 million apps for iOS in 2021 in various categories — entertainment, lifestyle, messaging, time management, and more. Among others, you can find an unconventional app like a micro-investing or a passive income app on the App Store. It can become hard to navigate the vast amount of choices available and download the best app suited for you. 

You should wisely choose when downloading apps to save time, money, and precious data space. First, figure out what app you need and search the designated category, whether it’s entertainment, productivity boost, note-taking, or something else. Secondly, read the reviews of other customers to understand the app’s usefulness and trustworthiness. Lastly, download the app and try it out yourself. 

Best Apps For Your iPhone

While the App Store has millions of applications available for its customers, some are simply better than others. Different categories might interest you, and each one has its superstar app. The ones listed below are some of the most popular and widely used apps among iPhone owners.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is arguably the best app when it comes to messaging. You don’t need a phone number for this app. Moreover, you can use it on any device as your account is linked to your phone and computer. 

Also, it offers many unique features — audio calling or video chatting with AR masks that will make your conversations more lively and enjoyable. Moreover, Messenger introduced a gaming option that allows friends to connect through fun mini-games and spend quality time online. 


The Duolingo app is a free way to learn languages by completing short lessons and gaining rewards for your hard work. You would start with simple vocabulary and an introduction to different topics leading you toward more complex sentences. 

Duolingo teaches some of the most spoken languages, like Spanish, French, Portuguese, Irish, Italian, Swedish, and more. Additionally, you can learn fictional languages like Esperanto and Klingon if you want to have some fun. The app’s design makes the learning experience seem like a fun game which Duolingo’s users highly favor. 


Honeygain is an app that lets you share your Internet bandwidth with the company’s crowdsourced web intelligence network in exchange for monetary rewards. Honeygain gathers publicly available online data and encrypts your connection, so you can safely use the app on your iPhone and make extra cash. 

It runs as a background task, and you’ll get $3 per 10GB of traffic while contributing to various business operations like price comparison or ad verification. It’s easy to set up, and you can even refer a friend for extra rewards — you can get a permanent bonus of 10%, equal to your referral’s daily earnings.


While Apple’s preinstalled Mail app does its job, Google has an excellent email app with different functionalities. It lets you read mail accounts from different providers like Yahoo!, Hotmail, and others. 

Gmail has a smooth interface which is arguably better than Apple’s Mail app, and gives you five seconds to undo deleting or archiving your email. While the app doesn’t integrate your calendar like Microsoft Outlook for iPhone does, Gmail opens a lot of possibilities for connecting your Google account with Google Calendar, Maps, and other applications.


One of the best note-taking apps is Evernote. It offers unique features like tags, filters, and a search function to navigate your notes more easily. Also, you can have digital notebooks in Evernote and always have your schoolwork in your back pocket. 

Evernote for iPhone synchs up with your other devices, and your account holds all of the information you need. You can add drawings and handwritten notes that will be easily accessible on your phone. Such a feature is yet to be implemented in the iPhone Notes app, making Evernote the leader in the note-taking category. 

Final Thoughts

As the demand for new mobile phones increases, Apple continues to provide its customers with innovative technology and cutting-edge designs. The supply chain for iPhones experiences some hiccups due to the economic and political landscape, but the manufacturers are making strides in expanding their operations.

In the upcoming years, we can expect better phones, accessories, and apps for our iPhones. While keeping up with every release of a good app can be overwhelming, such lists of the best apps to download for iOS are surely going to be updated. Moreover, the apps like Honeygain, Evernote, Duolingo, and more can be updated for better user experience in the near future as well.

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