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BBEdit celebrates 25 years of Mac text editing excellence

Finding a Mac developer who has stuck it out with the platform for a quarter-century or more is rare. For the longevity award, there’s Panorama, which has actually been around longer than the Mac itself, but today marks the 25th birthday of another classic piece of Mac software history — BBEdit. The venerable text editor is used by writers and developers for a variety of use cases, and it’s now in the 12th major release in a version that is compatible with macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Rich Siegel is the founder and CEO of Bare Bones Software, Inc., the developers of BBEdit. He had this to say about the changing environment over the past 25 years in the Mac market:

“When we made the first commercial release of BBEdit in 1993, the Mac market was a very different place. During all of the ups and downs our industry has seen over the past quarter-century, one constant has been the support that we’ve received from our customers, from the Mac community, and from Apple. We are grateful for this, and look forward to continuing to produce great Mac software for many years to come.”
— Rich Siegel

As noted by Jason Snell of SixColors, “It (BBEdit) made the transition from Classic Mac OS to OS X, from 68000 to PowerPC to Intel, and kept winning awards and finding loyal customers along the way.” If Apple decides to move the Mac to its own processors in the future, BBEdit will most likely be there as one of the standout apps for professional developers and writers. 

BBEdit 12 is available for US$49.99, with upgrades from version 11 available for $29.99. Other upgrade plans are available for those who may have an older version that they’re still using. 

Our congratulations go out to Rich Siegel and to BBEdit!

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