Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 14.5 with New Tail Mode for Log Files, more

Bare Bones Software has released BBEdit 14.5, a feature update to the its professional strength text and code editor.

BBEdit 14.5: introduces a new “Tail Mode” option for use with log files; refinements to the “Find” and “Multi-File Search” window interfaces; significant enhancements to its Language Server Protocol (LSP) support; and performance improvements throughout, according to Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones Software.

Designed for use with log files, a new Tail Mode option keeps the insertion point at the end of an open file, if the file is changed while open in BBEdit. The “Show Invisibles” text display option now provides finer-grained control for which invisible characters get shown, as well as preferences for user control of the glyphs that BBEdit uses to display invisible characters.

Enhancements to the Find and Multi-File Search and Replace system include a “Grep Cheat Sheet” for the “Replace” field, and a new mechanism to exchange the contents of the Search field and the Replace field. To make life easier for platform refugees, BBEdit now providesan Editing preference which enables “Cut/Copy entire line for insertion point.”

BBEdit 14.5 introduces a number of specific enhancements to its LSP support, including “fix-me” support, symbol renaming, “Code Actions,” and more.

Introduced in BBEdit 14, LSP support enables coding aids through user-installed local “language servers” to implement key language-specific behaviors, such as enhanced language-specific text completions and improved Find Definition, code-navigation features, built-in support for highlighting errors and warnings, and support for language-sensitive document reformatting. Specific available features vary by language and by server.

BBEdit 14.5 now requires macOS 10.15.4 or later (compared with macOS 10.14.2 for earlier BBEdit 14 releases). The change in system requirements enables performance improvements in a number of internal systems. BBEdit 14.5 also includes enhancements and refinements to existing features, and fixes for specific reported issues, and is a recommended and free update to all registered customers with BBEdit 14.

BBEdit offers an evaluation model in which its full feature set is available for the first 30 days of use. At the end of the 30-day evaluation period, BBEdit will continue to run with a permanent feature set which includes its powerful editing capabilities, but not its web authoring tools or other exclusive features. BBEdit’s exclusive features may be re-enabled at any time with a purchased license.

BBEdit 14 has a suggested retail price of US$49.99. Owners of BBEdit 13 can upgrade for $29.99. Owners of BBEdit 12 or earlier can upgrade for $39.99. New licenses and upgrades are available directly from the Bare Bones Software online store:

BBEdit is available as a subscription from the Mac App Store by subscribing in-app for US$3.99 per month, or US$39.99 per year. For more information on BBEdit, or to download the software, go to the Bare Bones website.

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