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Bandai Crazy Case presents: Back to the Future Part II DeLorean Time Machine case for iPhone 6

It’s 2015, which means that pretty soon Marty McFly should be showing up somewhere in Hill Valley, California in the DeLorean time machine car built by Dr. Emmett Brown. Of course, that’s all fictional fun from the Back to the Future trilogy, but apparently nobody told the folks at Bandai Crazy Case. They’re now taking pre-orders for this ¥5,940 ($50.00) iPhone 6 case modeled on the iconic DeLorean-based time machine

At the risk of looking like a total (in the words of Biff Tannen) butthead, you can own this unique case for your iPhone 6. One wheel slides out to reveal the iPhone’s camera, although it looks like the flash is still covered. Panels on the side of the car open for insertion and removal of your phone, and … wait for it … it has cool Mr. Fusion-powered lights that look just like those in the movie!

When a call comes in, the headlights flash to warn you to pick up the car and hold it to your ear, insuring that you look like a total fool. Check out the video below for more details, bad special effects, and a link for pre-ordering this very special iPhone case…

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