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AWT TV Episode 25: October 17, 2017

Wow – hard to believe that we’re already up to our 25th episode of AWT TV! It’s a weekly show featuring Steve Sande, Dennis Sellers and Marty Edwards of Apple World Today. Each week we’ll discuss what’s happened in the world of Apple, talk about new apps and accessories, maybe even have a demonstration or two of the latest software.  

No Apple announcements this week, of course, so we spent plenty of time talking about…whatever. 

After a slight bout of Internetitis (the livestream was acting weird), we got underway. Steve was on his third podcast of the day; the previous one (MacVoices) was all about the Apple Watch Series 3. That diverged into a conversation about Bear (, a surprisingly good text editor that even has an Apple Watch app! Dennis brought up how his wife was able to use her older Apple Watch on a known network miles away from her iPhone — something that is still amazing with the Watch.

Betas have been coming out; we’re all waiting for updates to actually come out with the fix for the KRACK vulnerability. Marty shows us how you can take screenshots with a single tap on your iPhone using Accessibility and what’s called “Assistive Touch”. You can use Assistive Touch for other functions as well, like restarting the iPhone with a tap. 

We continued our discussion about Siri’s issues with accents; Marty shows us how he is using Google’s GBoard keyboard to get much better voice recognition than he’s able to get with Siri. By using GBoard, he is able to get the excellent recognition he wants, and in every one of the apps he needs to use on the iPhone. GBoard also provides search results like weather or GIFs right on the keyboard. 

We went into a side discussion about cord cutting; Marty’s been a cord-cutter for years, Steve is thinking about doing it to reduce costs now that his wife is retiring. Using a digital TV antenna for local stations and streaming other content, he thinks he’ll be able to get most shows he wants. 

The iPhone X will be coming out on November 3, with pre-orders beginning on October 27. If any of the gang at Apple World Today gets one on November 3, we plan on doing a live unboxing!!! 

We also discuss how YouTube content is actually getting to be more entertaining than regular network TV these days! 

A short discussion about Uber ensued, since Marty has never used the ride sharing service. Marty and his wife Ruby will be broadcasting live from the JAMF Conference in Minneapolis next week; JAMF is an amazing management and deployment tool for Apple devices, and it’s going to be fun to hear what Mr. & Mrs. Edwards are able to learn at the conference. 

Oddly enough, we got into a discussion of a really fun steakhouse in Amarillo, TX — The Big Texan. Where else can you try to eat a 72 ounce steak with all the trimmings?

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