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AWT News Update: June 1, 2015

After an inadvertent 3-day weekend, the AWT News Update is back with all of the Apple News you need to know:

  • A security researcher is reporting a vulnerability in Mac firmware that could result in rootkit malware infections
  • The Typo keyboard case for iPhone touted by Ryan Seacrest won’t be available, thanks to the results of a second lawsuit by BlackBerry
  • Chase Bank embraces Touch ID for its mobile app
  • Apple is sweetening the pot during June for folks who want to trade in an older iPhone for credit
  • The Wall Street Journal confirms that Apple will launch its new music service at WWDC next week

The text version of the podcast script is available below for your reading pleasure.

And now, a cat from Amsterdam. Gijs is the feline companion of Rolf Rosing and Zwann Kuiper, and he has a new hobby:

Hi, this is our eleven year old cat Gijs. He is currently enjoying the new found cat video’s on YouTube, featuring birds on a feeder. Gijs is hooked on these movies since a few days, doesn’t want to stop watching them. He is using our old iPad 2 in an original Pad & Quill case. His fellow cat Joep doesn’t mind these video’s. He’s not bothered, and keeps on sleeping (that’s why he doesn’t show up on these photos).

Apple World Today needs good cats! Have a picture of your cat soaking up the good vibes of an Apple product? Tell us the back story behind your kitty’s photo on the Apple World Today contact page – we don’t accept inbound attachments, so please host the photo on Dropbox, Flickr, iPhoto, etc… and then include the link in your message. Please note that the picture must have some tie to an Apple product.

Thanks, and happy birdwatching to Gijs, Joep, Rolf and Zwaan!

Steve Sande
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