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AWT Live Episode 20-006: Jim Lee of Tropical Software

What do geologists and engineers have in common? Often, in the 1980s, they were attracted to Apple products and the Mac in particular, and became so involved with the world of Apple that they made it their life’s business. That’s the case both with Jim Lee, the founder and CEO of Tropical Software, and your host Steve Sande of Apple World Today. It’s all on Episode 20-006 of AWT Live!

In our conversation today, we talk about the paths that led us to the Mac, and of course talk about the Tropical Software products — TopXNotes (pronounced Top 10 Notes, as Steve found out during the interview!), 2Remember, iAddressX and Kitchen Timer.

By the way, AWT’s Dennis Seller reviewed iAddressX a few years ago, so be sure to check out his review here: AWT Live is not a regularly scheduled livestream, but we plan on offering interviews with fascinating people like Jim from time to time.

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