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AWT Live 20-002: Jim Rea of ProVUE Development

In the Apple development world, there are very few people who have been creating applications for Mac since 1984. One who stands out is Jim Rea, the founder and CEO of ProVUE Development, the makers of Panorama X, the most powerful database application for the Mac platform.

In this nearly 90-minute interview with Jim, we find out about the roots of Provue and Panorama X, which began with development on one of the first Mac 128K models, an Apple Lisa, and an Alpha Micro minicomputer based on the same Motorola 68000 CPU as the Mac and Lisa.

Panorama X has evolved over the years as the Mac platform shifted from the 68K line to PowerPC, then to Intel. Jim offers his views on the bright future of the Mac as Apple migrates the platform from Intel to its own ARM-based silicon.

This is an amazing piece of Apple history. Watch it!

CAVEAT: For some reason, although the sound levels were fine when we were recording the show, Jim’s audio sounds very muted on the video. Sounds like a good enough reason to have Jim back on the show soon!

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