ATLGS Unveils ‘MOVINdow Multi Video Player’ App for Mac Users

ATLGS has announced the international release of the "MOVINdow Multi-Movable Video Player" for Mac.

ATLGS has announced the international release of the “MOVINdow Multi-Movable Video Player” for Mac. 

This marks the first macOS application to harness the proprietary “MOVINdow” technology, based on international patents, allowing for an unmatched capability to play and manipulate over 16 videos simultaneously.

According to the folks at ATLGS the Mac version of “MOVINdow Multi-Movable Video Player” mimics its mobile version’s controls and is tailored for desktops with a user-friendly interface for large screens, facilitating video playback and editing via pinch gestures. They add that in addition to MOVINdow’s core technology of video manipulation, the application boasts the following features:

  • Simultaneous playback and variable speed control of up to 16 videos.
  • Frame-by-frame analysis with precision up to 1/1000th of a second (video compatibility required).
  • Video trimming and size compression for efficient editing.

No login is required, there are no ads, and all the features are vailable for a free trial. For Mac users, the app enables d video analysis and scaling. By choosing File –> New from the default menu, users can open multiple instances, with each handling up to 16 videos. 

For example, launching three instances of MOVINdow allows for the simultaneous analysis of up to 48 videos, including detailed frame-by-frame analysis.

Dennis Sellers
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