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At last: an iPad Pro case with storage for an Apple Pencil (yay!)

Correct me if I’m wrong (and, dear reader, I know you’ll be glad to do so), but I think STM’s $59.95 dux is the first iPad Pro case that provides storage for the Apple Pencil via a fitted channel. This feature alone gets the case a big thumbs-up from Yours Truly.

After all, if you’ve paid 100 bucks for the (don’t-call-it-a) stylus, it would be convenient to have it handy at all times. Before the dux, I carried my Apple Pencil in a small, separate case along with my earbuds. Now the pencil is safely attached to the case that protects my iPad Pro and is easily, always accessible. (If only the dux had a pocket for my earbuds, I’d really be happy.)

Speaking of protection, the folks at STM say the case has been drop tested to meet the U.S. Military Spec 810G durability tests. Its protective polycarbonate and rubberized TPU bracket are designed to keep your Apple tablet safe from drops up to four feet. As with all reviews of this nature, I’m not gonna drop my pricey iPad Pro to test this out. 

Another great feature of the dux: it works seamlessly with the Apple Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard. Plus, it’s easy to install.

As I mentioned, if only it could hold my earbuds, I’d have my complete iPad Pro set-up with me at all times — well, except for the charger, but you can’t have everything. That aside, the dux is now the go-to case for my iPad Pro.

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