How Apple Hires: Secrets of Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Be it the revolutionary electronics, the logo, or the late CEO of Apple, and the company has made a mark worldwide. Naturally, it would help if you wished to bag a coveted job position at Apple.

Whether you are a fresh college graduate or making a career shift, hunting for jobs is a grueling task. It is incredibly daunting when considering applying for an influential company like Apple. Where do you start? What to prepare for? What’s an Apple-worthy resume? You must be plagued by all these questions.

Well, lucky for you, we’re here with answers. Read our article to know more about the Apple recruitment process and how you can increase your chances of getting a job at the corporation. Knowing what Apple hiring managers exactly want is half of the equation. The other half is strategically preparing for the different processes.

Overview of Apple

Apple is a tech company founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976. These men had a simple goal: to create smaller versions of computers so people could use them more conveniently at home or office. Headquartered in California, Apple went ahead with this simple idea and turned itself into the biggest tech company in terms of revenue.

Apple has introduced several products, some landmarks in the tech industry, such as the Apple II computer. Apple is known for selling a wide variety of products, including iPhones, iPods, iPad, MacBooks, and software like iTunes.

Even after the passing of Steve Jobs in 2013, the company has continued growing and flourishing. Apple is a tech behemoth that is here to stay and introduce innovations for years. Currently, the company has over a hundred and twenty thousand employees and billions of products in sales.

Apple has one of the world’s unique work cultures, and many job applicants naturally want to be a part of such a thriving corporate environment. In the next sections, we will look at the stages of the Apple recruitment process.

Breakdown of Apple’s Recruitment Process

Much like any other company, there are several stages that you have to pass through when applying for a job at Apple. Let us see what they are.

The Application Process

The first step in the process is submitting your application. You need to go to the Apple careers page and look for available job positions. You can filter out the results using factors like location, language skills, and keyword.

Once you find a job position that fits you, click on it. Next, you will see a page describing everything about that job, including the overall description, key qualifications, and additional requirements. Make sure to thoroughly review them to determine if the job is the right fit for you.

After that, click on “Submit Resume.” Next, you must create an Apple account or use your existing ID to proceed with the application process. You will then need to fill out an online application where you will be asked about your education, academic results, and work experience. You might also be asked about what motivated you to work for Apple.

After all that is done, you just need to wait for the next round.

Apple Telephone Interview

The next step is the telephone interview once a recruiting staff has reviewed the online application. This interview is often called the screener. In this competency-based interview which lasts for about 15 minutes, you will be judged based on your passions, skills, and knowledge that might make you the right fit for Apple.

You might be asked about your favorite product by Apple, what you do beyond just work, and what problem-solving skills you have. This is a good time to discuss your achievements and how you performed on your past projects. Also, discuss your methods to resolve issues at your previous jobs.

Apple Assessment Test

Once you ace the phone interview, the next stage in the hiring process is the assessment tests. You will have to go through numerous exercises, including group, written, and role play. The objective of these types of exercises is to understand how you perform in a corporate setting with other employees around.

You can network with Apple employees and understand how the company works from within. To excel at this stage, ensure that your answers are specific, relevant, and technical.

Apple knows that not every candidate will know the answers to all their questions, but the important thing to keep in mind is that you have to work an answer through it. Tell them what you already know concisely, and use the time given to you.

Apple Final Interview

If you can make it to the final interview, kudos! Coming this far is difficult enough, so congratulations on your hard work!

The final interview is quite challenging, so prepare yourself likewise. The final round is usually a one-on-one interview where a senior director or senior manager will judge you on your answers. The questions you will be asked will vary depending on your position, but they all have the same essence.

In this round, you will get the chance to talk more in-depth about why you are right for the company and the position. An imperative thing to be mindful of is that you should also ask questions at the end of the interview. This shows that you are enthusiastic and can think of ideas quickly.

If you pass this stage, you will get the job!

Tips for Getting Through the Apple Hiring Process

That was all about the different stages you must pass to secure a position at Apple. However, what must you do to pass these stages? We have outlined a few tips below about Apple’s expectations of an ideal candidate. Keep these few pointers in mind, and you will have a better chance at acing the different processes.

The Ideal Resume

Your resume should be ATS-friendly. Big companies like Apple don’t sit down and manually review resumes and pick the right one. Instead, they use applicant tracking system software that scans through resumes for keywords.

Try to make the resume as simple as possible. Decorative resumes are only sometimes selected by an ATS. Use keywords relevant to the position you are applying for and focus on the skills section. Also, pay heed to your professional summary. It sums up everything about you in a concise manner.

If you are applying for a software development or design position, upload a portfolio of your work along with your resume

Prepare for Possible Interview Questions

The interview stage is perhaps the most dreaded part of the entire process. But it can be easy if you try to look at it strategically. Start reading testimonies from past applicants. Prepare your answers keeping in mind the role you are applying for.

Look up common Apple interview questions and think about how you can answer them. Lastly, you can conduct a mock interview with your friend to see how prepared you are or where you are lacking.

Apple Dress Code

This might seem unnecessary but dressing properly for your interview is always important. Try not to overdo it and keep it casual. Go for informal clothing but nothing too flashy. A skirt or a nice pair of trousers is the right way to go about it. Show up clean with brushed-out hair and minimal workplace accessories.

Final Thoughts

Working at Apple is a dream job for many. However, bagging a position at this tech giant means going through numerous stages and acing all of them. It might seem nerve-wracking at first, but once you plan out your strategy and work on your desirable skills, resume and interview answers, it isn’t all that difficult. Just keep a positive mindset as you go into this. Good luck!

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