Three best sites to buy YouTube Views (Cheap and Legit)

After nearly 20 years, YouTube remains one of the most important social media sites in existence. Not only is it the second most visited site on the internet, but its millions of channels allow endless opportunities for fostering organic growth. 

Whether you’re a business, an influencer, or just someone looking to get their content to their target audience, this site offers loads of ways to boost your account. Unfortunately, at roughly $7 earned per 1000 views, it can take a lot of time to make your YouTube channel profitable. 

You can even buy YouTube views to help you along the way. As long as they come from real YouTube subscribers, such services can tell the YouTube algorithm to promote your content even more. In this article, we’ll discuss the best sites to buy YouTube Views.

Best Places to Buy YouTube Views

Websites all over the internet purport to provide users with the best YouTube views but actually only use fake views or bot accounts. The three sites listed below have been in operation for a long time and have a reputation for excellence in the marketplace. 

Best of the Best: Media Mister 

Media Mister is hands down the best website to buy YouTube views. This outstanding site has been around since 2012. Since then, it has helped social media influencers gain views, likes, shares, and all manner of other useful interactions from real authentic users. 

And just because Media Mister’s social media stuff comes, cheap doesn’t mean you can expect anything less than the very best paid YouTube services. In fact, the site has collected more than 100,000 5-star reviews and evolved into one of the top sites in the industry.  

When you log onto Media Mister, you’ll see you can actually select the type of YouTube views you want. These include normal, high retention views, ad views, and more. You can also select the target country or region and quantity, getting up to 5000 views at once over several days. 

And if that’s not enough to convince of Media Mister’s abilities, consider they back their services up with a full money-back guarantee. They also provide a secure payment gateway with options for crypto, Visa, or mastercard. There’s also professional customer support!

When it comes to experience, expertise, and target audience customization, Media Mister is a stand-out provider that deserves its spot at the top of the list. 

Second Best: GetAFollower

If you want to buy real YouTube views from real users, you can always trust GetAFollower. This amazing site has been providing interactions for social media platforms since 2011, just six years after YouTube was founded! 

Like the other sites on this list, GetAFollower has a reputation for excellence, fair pricing, prompt delivery, and great customer service. In fact, the site has delivered over 10,000 orders amounting to millions of likes, shares, views, and more. 

Again, This website allows you to choose the specific types of views you’re after. So whether you want active views for your Live Stream or views for your video’s Google Ads, you need only specify, and GetAFollower will deliver what you want. 

The site’s prices are extremely reasonable, considering every single view comes from a real, authentic user in the country or region of your choice. Simply select your package and enter your details, and you’ll receive your views in no time at all. 

GetAFollower also stands out due to its live chat customer support and 100% money-back guarantee. Of course, we also love the numerous types of payment options available, including the latest addition: crypto!

Third Best: Buy Real Media

If you’re serious about getting high-quality results, you can always buy YouTube video views from Buy Real Media. This site is one of the most popular places to purchase social packages on the internet, and it can provide a real boost to your channel. 

Like the other sites in this article, Buy Real Media is a reliable, proven source for real views from real people. It’s also been operating for over a decade, having racked up countless positive ratings and thousands of repeat customers. 

One of the most important things about this website this site is 100% safe. In fact, they provide a 100% risk-free guarantee on their services. They also promise Non-drop YouTube views, which means you can expect them to stick around and continue boosting your channel. 

The site offers targeted views, high retention views, and several other categories, as well as packages that go all the way up to 50,000 views over 15-22 days. Not to worry, though, like the other sites on this list, they provides its views at affordable prices. 

Last but not least, They has a stellar customer service reputation with fast, reliable live chat available at all times. Though the site is third on this list, it is nearly identical in quality to the other picks.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Views?

More than a billion people use YouTube in any given 24-hour period. That means that even if your target audience is very small, you can get a large number of views and maximize engagement. 

However, this takes time. So, if you want to get an initial boost for your new channel or enjoy long-term YouTube engagement, buying views is a great idea! You might not become instantly famous, but buying YouTube views will get you on the path to profitability.  

Build Credibility and Reputation

Anyone can use social media and claim to be something they’re not. That’s where social proof comes in. By buying YouTube views, you can increase your credibility and reputation faster than any other method while simultaneously growing your audience. 

Get More Organic Views

As we said in the last point, you can’t make money without an audience. However, even if you have a million subscribers, you still need people to watch your videos! Having more views helps lead to more organic views by demonstrating the value inherent in what you have to say. 

Attract a Larger Audience

Whether you’re trying to make money, trying to get famous, or both, you can’t do it without a YouTube audience. Fortunately, buying YouTube views does this in two ways. First, it shows potential watchers that your content is worth the view. It also helps the algorithm to promote you. 

Improve Your Ranking

YouTube is run by an algorithm that performs trillions of evaluations and calculations. This is what ultimately decides what content to show which users. By buying YouTube views, you can increase your ranking and therefore encourage the algorithm to promote you to more people. 

Help Go Viral

Nothing boosts a channel or user quite like going viral. But you need to get a lot of views and shares in order to accomplish this feat. Having a lot of YouTube views eventually leads to more organic views, and it helps to go viral. 

How to Buy Real YouTube Views?

If you want to buy YouTube views from any provider, you need to ensure they’re legitimate. The internet is rife with scams and people who will try to take your money, sell you bad products, or steal your identity. That’s why we recommend checking for the following: 

Customer Reviews

If someone has a bad experience on the internet, they usually aren’t shy about making it known. That’s why you should take the time to evaluate a provider’s on and off-site customer reviews before hitting the “Checkout” button. 

As with customer reviews, it’s not that hard to find information about the quality of service you can expect from a site. A simple Google search will often turn up blogs, reviews, and third-party evaluations that can tell you a lot about a company.

Secure Payment Methods

Anytime you purchase anything on the internet, you should make sure the site offers the right payment security. You don’t only want to see the lock icon in the web address, but you should see well-known payment methods. 

Also, check the seller’s safety and security policy before making a purchase choice. All purchases should be completed through a secure payment gateway, which encrypts your payment information so that hackers or other third parties cannot access or intercept it.                                                 

Customer Support Team

Customer service is an essential part of any product or service and is definitely one of the things that separate great companies from average ones. The customer support team is there to help you get the most out of the product by answering questions, following up with customer requests, and addressing issues as they arise. 

Delivery Time

Does your provider tell you when your purchase will be delivered? Does it allow you to choose from multiple types and methods? If not, you’re in the wrong place. Views and likes shouldn’t come in all at once! Instead, they should be provided over several days. So, It will help your account to grow gradually. 

Money Back Guarantee

Just because a company doesn’t have a money-back guarantee doesn’t mean they’re shady. However, having one sure says a lot about them. When a company stands behind its product with a guarantee like this, you can have a lot more confidence when making your purchase. 

Of course, all three sites listed in this article passed these tests with flying colors. That’s why they’re considered the best places to buy YouTube views. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Really Buy YouTube Views?

It is! Of course, you need to ensure you’re getting your followers from legitimate service providers like GetAFollower, Media Mister, and Buy Real Media. 

Is It Safe to Buy YouTube Views?

Again, it’s perfectly safe to purchase YouTube views as long as you stick with a trusted, proven website. This is true anytime you spend money online, regardless of what it’s for. 

Is Buying YouTube Views Illegal?

No, it is legal to buy YouTube views. But buying views from bots or tricking people into watching your videos is against YouTube’s terms of service. However, you aren’t violating anything if you purchase from sites that only use real accounts owned by real users. 

Can I Get Banned for Buying YouTube Views?

No, you’ll not get banned for buying YouTube views. There could be consequences if you buy illegitimate YouTube views and get caught. Admittedly, even this is unlikely. However, it’s just another reason to put your trust in legitimate suppliers that use real users. 

Do you Get Paid if you Buy YouTube Views?

When purchasing from a site that relies on real users and now bots, you aren’t doing anything deceptive. Advertisers, YouTube, or other users will see these views as precisely the same as any other. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, Media Mister, GetAFollower, and Buy Real Media are some of the best sites to buy YouTube views or any other social media actions you might need. If you’re looking to generate more attention for your brand or grow your influence, any of these sites would be an affordable, safe way to do it. 

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