What’s the future of Apple’s set-top box? Apple TV Air? Apple TV Pro?

This Apple TV Air mock-up is courtesy of Curved.

Yesterday, Apple announced the next generation of the Apple TV 4K with a lower price tag (starting at US$129). However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks the next version of the set-top box will have a price tag under $100.

In a tweet, he has this to say:  A new Apple TV 4K with a price drop (starting from $129) reflects the expected improved cost structure. It can help shipments, but the drop should not be enough. The sub-$100 price should be the sweet spot for Apple TV, so I expect the next-gen will be more affordable.

Some folks have called for Apple to release a low-cost TV dongle device as a more inexpensive alternative to the ‌Apple TV‌. (Apple TV Air, perhaps?) The project was driven by Tim Twerdahl, an Apple video and audio marketing executive, who argued that a low-cost TV device would make it more affordable for users to access Apple TV+ based on his experience overseeing similar projects at Netflix and Amazon.

In addition to an “Apple TV Air,” might we see an Apple TV Pro? Apple has filed for a patent (number 201210227277) for a “generic streaming media device configured as a set-top box.” The tech giant may be eyeing a future Apple TV set-top box that would replace a cable box. Or perhaps one with a stronger gaming focus.

Then there are rumors that Apple is working on a new HomePod product that combines a speaker, Apple TV functions, and a FaceTime camera. Apple has filed for a patent (number 20220042676) for an “electronic device with visual feedback” that hints at a HomePod with a built-in display. 

Apple’s Macs, iPhones, iPads, AirPods, and Apple Watches come in a variety of standard, pro, max, and ultra versions. Why not the Apple TV?

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  • Ever since Apple came out with the M1, I’ve been wondering why they don’t put a customized version inside the Apple TV, giving a direct competitor to Xbox, PS, and Nintendo, all while simultaneously encouraging gaming development on iOS/macOS.

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