How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Instead of sticking with Android, maybe you should try out the new iPhone 13. I’m going to assume, however, that you’re nervous about how to transfer data from Android to iPhone, and do it safely and without losing any information in the process. Have no doubts! It is possible to send data securely from an Android device to an iPhone or do any phone to phone transfer between any devices.

Method 1: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Migrating Your Data from Android to the New iPhone

Transferring information from an Android device to an iPhone (phone data transfer) might be lengthy. Absolutely nothing to worry about here. With MobileTrans – Phone Transfer, you can quickly move your contacts, images, movies, and music from Android to iPhone 13/12/11/X/8/7 with only a few clicks.

Take three simple steps to migrate your Android contacts to your iOS device easily!

This is the interface you’ll see when you launch MobileTrans – Phone Transfer on your computer; it’s the best way to move data from Android to iPhone. Hook your Android or iOS device to your computer through the appropriate USB cord. Make sure that the computer recognizes both devices. 

To complete Step 2, choose “Phone Transfer”.

Choose “Phone Transfer” from the main window to access the interface described below. You may switch them around by clicking the “Flip” button to ensure the iPhone is the final recipient.

Your Android’s text messages, contacts, calendar, photos, videos, and music can all be moved to your iPhone.

All things that may be transferred will be shown in the window’s central portion. To get started, choose the “Start” tab. Both devices should be linked at all times. Then, you may move anything from your Android device onto your iPhone 13, 12, 11, XS, X, 8, or 7.

Method 2: Options for Free Android to iPhone 13/12/11/X/8/7 Content Transfer

As you can see, MobileTrans – Phone Transfer is a helpful tool for transferring information between Android and iPhone. If you want to move your data from Android to iPhone without spending a dime, look in the following places.

It’s time to move your Android contacts over to your Apple device (10 MINS)

You may use an SD card to back up your Android contacts, upload them to your Gmail, Yahoo, or iCloud account, and then sync them with your iPhone (running iOS 13/12/11/X/8). Next, I’ll demonstrate the process using your Google account.

Open your Android’s address book. You’ll see a menu if you tap the button to the left of the home button. You may also use the Import/Export function if you want to try that.

Select Contacts, then tap Export to USB storage > Accept. Your Android device may function as a removable drive when connected to a computer through USB. You may transfer the vCard file to your computer if you have an SD card reader.

Next, go to your computer and fire up Gmail. The Contacts section of Gmail is where you can manage your address book and other contacts. When prompted, choose the vCard File you created in Step 2 by going to More > Import > Choose File.

Add your Google account by selecting Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars > Add Account on your iPhone. Follow the on-screen prompts to link your Google account and log in. Bring in the big guns and get the ‘phones ringing. Afterwards, your iPhone’s address book will be automatically updated.

How to Share Data Between an Android and an iPhone (10 MINS)

You may use Google Sync to synchronize the calendar on your Android device with your Google calendar. The Google Calendar app syncs with the iOS device. The two approaches here make transferring information from an Android device to an iPhone easier.

The procedure is relatively simple and consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Start by going into your Android device’s Settings menu. At the very bottom of your display, you’ll see Account & Sync. You may link your Google Calendar to your email by clicking the link. To have the updates made to your Gmail calendar immediately, use the Sync Now button. Contacts may be synced in real-time as well.

Step 2: To add an account, go to “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars” in the Settings menu on the iPhone. Elect Gmail and log in using your Gmail details (name, email, and password). The next button’s click might bring up your schedule, emails, and notes. Now the synchronization process will start.

Move Android multimedia (Music/ Video) to your iOS device (10 MINS)

Want to watch movies and listen to music on your Android mobile on your brand new iPhone 13? That’s OK; it’s not a big deal either way. iTunes simplify this.

Syncing your Android device with your computer before attempting to copy over any media files is recommended. Put iTunes on your computer. Simply plug your iPhone into your computer through the included USB cord and start the program.

Choose File > Add Folder to Library in iTunes’s menu bar. Drag the files from your computer’s Music and video directories into iTunes.

Select DEVICES and then your device to enter the iPhone’s configuration menu. Select Music > Sync Music from the main menu to sync your music library. To save your changes, click “Apply” after you’re done customizing.

Select Movies, TV Shows, or another category to start moving videos from your Android phone to your iPhone. Just pick out the clips you’re interested in seeing and hit the “Apply” button.

How to Import Pictures from an Android Device to an Apple iPhone (10 MINS, Free Way)

You probably don’t want to risk losing hundreds of images depicting irreplaceable moments. The answer may be inside these pages. Use iTunes to import images from an Android device.

Start up your Android gadget as a USB drive. Collection all your digital images into one folder. The iPhone may be connected to a computer through USB. The iPhone’s controls may be accessed with a single tap. Choose the picture folder you want to sync, then click Photos and Sync Photos. To synchronize your iPhone and Android’s picture libraries, tap the Apply button in the upper right corner.

Send data from your Android to your iOS device (20 MINS, Free Way)

Do you need to access Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TXT, and Word files on your iPhone? Dropbox can help. It makes uploading documents to the cloud easy. If you have an iPhone, you may use Dropbox to access and modify files on the go.

In Closing

You’re probably wondering why there are so few reliable methods to completely transfer all your phone data from one device to another in an age when everyone switches their phone every couple of years. Fortunately, companies like Wondershare have developed products like MobileTrans after recognizing this massive gap that users are forced to phase when trying to transfer data from Android to iPhone or between any disparate devices. Use this wonderfully secure and comprehensive utility so no data gets left behind on your old device.

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