Is It Necessary to Keep Check on Your Child’s TikTok? A Guide for Concerned Parents

This is an era where every activity and hobby is somehow connected with the internet and gadgets. To spend free time, children, as well as adults, use entertainment applications that deliver funny and interesting content. TikTok is one such application that is highly attractive to children, especially.

As every application has its downside points, TikTok is also unsafe for children if given a careless approach. However, you can use monitoring applications that monitor children’s activity and displays it on the dashboard. Such location tracker applications ensure that the child is safe and sheltered.

In this article, we will introduce FamiSafe, a TikTok monitoring application. To present it comprehensively, we will discuss the following points: 

Part 1: Reasons That Makes TikTok Dangerous and Necessary for Parents to Check

If your child is using TikTok to a great extent, then you, being a parent, might be worried about their safety. To prevent your child from all sorts of potential risks of TikTok, it is necessary to know them first. Here, we will provide the main reasons that make TikTok a dangerous application for children:

1. Exposure to Inappropriate Substance

There are two feed sections in TikTok. The “Following” feed shows content uploaded by users you follow. Whereas the “For You” feed provides videos based on account interest and activity. The “For You” feed could display inappropriate content, i.e., sexually explicit or physically dangerous. 

Digital algorithms of TikTok do filter the violating content, but some of the explicit content slips through the cracks and shows up on the user’s feed. 

2. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is the major drawback of social media applications, and TikTok is no exception. Strangers can share their harmful opinion on general issues or might harass your kid upon their physical appearance. Many famous TikTok users have highlighted their personal experiences of being body-shamed by people on TikTok.

3. Contact with Strangers

Social platforms make people connect with strangers Worldwide. While there is no harm in making friends, such unmonitored exposure to your teenage child could be dangerous. There are a lot of sexual predators on TikTok that connect with children with bad intentions. 

TikTok has set safety guidelines that prevent teenagers from sending or receiving any private messages. However, some children use a fake date of birth, which can cause a risk to their safety.

4. Dangerous Challenges

TikTok is widely famous for its interesting and unique challenges. However, TikTok had introduced some dangerous challenges in the past, including the Kiki challenge, Skull Breaker challenge, and Blackout challenge. Such challenges can potentially be risky for teenagers. Hence, parents must keep a check on them and prevent them from being influenced by peer pressure.

Part 2: Wondershare FamiSafe – TikTok Monitoring Tool for Parents

Wondershare FamiSafe is a parental control and monitoring application for parents that help them stop their children from all social media risks. Parents can keep an eye on their children’s devices and apply screen time to keep the balance between their device activity and studies. If you are worried about your child’s TikTok activity, FamiSafe will help you monitor their TikTok thoroughly.

This application provides information about all the visited channels on his TikTok along with specific timestamps. Moreover, “View” will show the videos’ details and the browsing history on TikTok. You can also check how long your child has spent on the TikTok application.

Moreover, FamiSafe’s “Activity Control” feature helps you remotely monitor your child’s phone activity. You can learn about the applications they have been using and how much time they are spending on a certain application. 

Part 3: Guide to Monitor Child’s TikTok Activities with FamiSafe

We have discussed how FamiSafe helps us monitor our children’s TikTok accounts for their safety. Now, we will recognize the step guide for monitoring your children on their iOS or Android devices with FamiSafe:

Set up the Application on Parent’s End

To install and register the FamiSafe application from the parent’s end, you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1: Download FamiSafe App

The first step is to download the application from “Google Play Store” or “App Store” by searching for “FamiSafe.” 

Step 2: Launch the Application

Now, you need to launch the application on your device. A sign-up page will be directed to the device. Create your FamiSafe account, or you might continue with third-party accounts.

Step 3: Start Adding Kid’s Device

After your FamiSafe account has been registered or logged in via third-party accounts, press the “Start” button to add your kid’s devices for viewing the device usage details. Now, a code will be shown, which will be used to tie up the target child’s device. 

Activate FamiSafe on Child’s Android Device

To keep your child safe and secure on TikTok, we have provided the following instructions for setting up the parental control solution on the kid’s Android device:

Step 1: Download the Application

You need to download FamiSafe kids from Google Play Store on your kid’s device. After installing the application, launch it on your kid’s device, and you will be redirected to the registration page. Since you have a FamiSafe account already, tap the “Have an account? Log in” to sign in to your Parent’s account. Now, hit “Start” to set up the target device.

Step 2: Connect your Child’s Device with Pairing Code (Alternate)

If you don’t want to use your account to log in to your kid’s device, tap on the “Pair with Code” to connect to the child’s device. Enter the 6-digit code sent on the parent’s device. Now, tap on the “Start” button. After that, enter the kid’s name and correct age.

Step 3: Give Access to FamiSafe

Activate “Accessibility” and “Display over other Apps,” so the application will access and display on other applications when they are blocked. You further need to activate “App Supervision,” “Notification Access,” “Device Administration Permission,” and “Contact List and Location Permissions.” To avoid battery optimization settings or power saving mode, you can activate the app in the background.

Activate FamiSafe on Child’s iOS Device

Following this, we will recognize the steps involved in activating FamiSafe on your child’s iOS device:

Step 1: Set up FamiSafe on iOS Device

Download the application on the target child’s device via App Store. After installing it, launch the application to sign in. Since you have made your FamiSafe account, tap on “Have an Account? Log in.” Now, press the “Start” button.

Step 2: Pair the Device (Alternate)

There is an alternate way to login to kids iOS device which is by using the pairing code. For that, tap “Pair with Code” to connect to the target device. Enter the provided 6-digit code and hit the “Start” button. Now, provide the kid’s real name and age.

Step 3: Grant Certain Access

To ensure the application’s best performance, you need to provide certain access to FamiSafe. You need to activate the “Location tracking.” Next, install FamiSafe profile by tapping on “Install iOS Profile.” After the profile is downloaded, go to “Settings,” and further tap on “Profile Download.” Following this, choose the “FamiSafe Profile” and enter the passcode. Now, tap “Trust” and hit the “Install” option.

Step 4: Enable Content Blocker  

Following this, go to “Settings” and reach “Safari.” Enable the “Content Blocker” by turning on the toggle for FamiSafe. Now, you have successfully activated FamiSafe on your child’s device.

Find the Activity Report of TikTok

When you are done with setting up the application on parental and child’s devices, you can access the activity report of your child on TikTok:

Step 1: Access the TikTok Activity Report

Access the application from your parental profile. You will find a lot of features on the navigation bar. Access the “TikTok History” and scroll down to view the TikTok activity. Now, press on the “<” or “>” button to check the activity reports of the previous or next day. To check the visited channels on TikTok, tap on “View” to access the details.


This article concludes the reasons why parents should be vigilant if their child is excessively using TikTok. Consequently, this article introduced a parental-control application, FamiSafe, which ensures access to the target child’s TikTok activity. With this application, you can access the activity report, which displays the visited channels and viewed content on TikTok. 

To teach you how to set up the application, this article has provided a detailed step guide on activating FamiSafe on parent and child’s devices.

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