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The Five Best Money Apps for the iPhone

When it comes to managing your money, saving up for something, making payments, or understanding your budget, there are lots of apps available to use these days. If you have a smartphone, then financial apps can help you make it work harder for you when it comes to cutting your expenses, making easier money transfers, managing your savings and much more. There are lots of different money apps available for the iPhone, so choosing the right one for you might not always be easy. Here are some of the best options to consider. 

Ria Money Transfer

If you are living in another country while working, and often send money to your parents and other family members back at home to help them out financially, then you need to download this international money transfer app to your iPhone. With this app, you can easily and quickly send payments without the need to visit the bank or somewhere to make a wire transfer internationally. Ask whoever you are helping with money to also download the app, both set up an account, and you can go from there. 


One of the most popular personal finance apps for iOS, Mint offers all the tools that you need to keep track of your spending, along with smart tips and hints to help you cut down unnecessary expenses and save more money. Once you have set up an account, all you need to do is create a budget to stick to. The app will send you a notification when you are close to your limit, so that you don’t overspend. 

Credit Karma

If you are hoping to improve your credit score and want an easy way to track it, the Credit Karma app is worth downloading. It keeps an eye on your credit rating and offers personalized tips and recommendations to help you hit your credit goals. You can also use the app to file state and federal tax returns to ensure that you’re getting the best refund. 


If you want a better way than spreadsheets to track your home expenses, then HomeBudget is a good app to consider. It allows you to easily monitor all your income and expenses along with letting you know what your bills are and when they are due from one easy place. If you link multiple accounts, you will also be able to easily see your account balances, which makes things even more convenient. Charts and graphs help you figure out where your is going, and which areas of spending might be worth focusing on more. 


If you are interested in investing your money but want to ensure that you are making wise choices, Acorns is a good app to use. It allows you to invest your money into a diversified, smart portfolio and you don’t need to invest a lot, either – as low as $5 per day, week or month is accepted. You can also use this app to earn cashback from local businesses and restaurants. 

If you want better money management, then these iPhone apps are worth checking out.

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