The ‘reinvention’ of James Bond should bring back the fun factor to 007’s adventures

This is my (mostly) weekly column in which I write about whatever’s on my mind — which may have nothing to do with Apple. Today’s column doesn’t, so feel free to skip it unless you just want to read some of my thoughts on the next James Bond movie.

This week I watched “The Grey Man” spy thriller on Netflix. Was it a great movie? Nope. But it was ridiculously fun — a big, dumb popcorn movie that had no purpose but to entertain.

Y’know, like the James Bond films used to be before they got so dark. Don’t get me wrong. I think Daniel Craig was a fantastic James Bond, but too often the films in his run lacked the sheer fun of the best 007 films like “Goldfinger,” “Goldeneye,” and “Casino Royale.” (The latter, Craig’s debut as 007, was gritty and emotional, but still fun. For instance, the opening parkour battle was one of the best Bond openings ever.)

But the last Craig film, “No Time to Die,” and killing off James Bond? Sorry. That’s a step too far. 

 James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli says it will be “at least two years“ before the next 007 movie begins filming and that the task of finding an actor to replace Daniel Craig hasn’t begun “because it’s a reinvention of Bond.”

Here’s an idea: take the entertaining aspects of “The Grey Man” (which, thank goodness, never delved into “The Man With The Golden Gun” levels of comedy), get a good script, hire my personal choice to play Bond (Aidan Turner), and give us a James Bond movie that’s exciting, ambitious, and, yes, fun.

While you’re at it, Barbara, bring back one the best aspects of “No Time to Die”: Ana De Armas as Paloma (she was also great in “The Grey Man”). Does it make any sense to bring a character from the film that killed off James Bond to a new Bond movie? Probably not. But then neither does it make sense to have a new James Bond movie when you’ve killed the character off — unless it’s a prequel (which I think is a bad idea).

Besides, as I’ve said before in my 007 multiverse theory, I think each James Bond actor’s adventures are set in a different James Bond universe.

However, the reinvention plays out, these are often dark, and troubling times, and need James Bond to bring a little fun into our lives. 

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