Tim Cook tweet honors Steve Jobs’ receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs was today posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by U.S. President Joe Biden. CEO Tim Cooks noted the honor on Twitter.

He tweeted: Today, Steve was awarded the Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor. He was a visionary who challenged us to see the world not for what it is, but for what it could be. We cherish his memory and we’ll continue building on his legacy.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the Nation’s highest civilian honor. It’s presented to individuals who have made “exemplary contributions to the prosperity, values, or security of the United States, world peace, or other significant societal, public, or private endeavors.” 

Here’s what the Presidential Medal of Freedom press release says about Steve Jobs, who died in 2011:  Steve Jobs was the co-founder, chief executive, and chair of Apple, Inc., CEO of Pixar, and held a leading role at the Walt Disney Company. His vision, imagination, and creativity led to inventions that have, and continue to, change the way the world communicates, as well as transforming the computer, music, film, and wireless industries.

Dennis Sellers
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