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An Honest Review of the MDM Bypass Tool – WooTechy iDelock for iOS

Our Apple devices store everything from passwords to our bank accounts to treasured family photos from birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. That is why it is distressing whenever an iOS device is locked. 

In some cases, that includes devices that are locked by parents, organizations, or schools. That is why learning how to use a reliable MDM bypass tool is essential so you can always access valuable information on your device. One such tool is iDelock for iOS by the expert development team at WooTechy.

What is an MDM Lock on an iPhone?

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) lock allows device owners to wirelessly configure and create profiles that cannot be modified without administrative access. This includes restricting an Apple device so it cannot make specific calls, use some apps, or do anything other than what is intended by the owner.

People wish to remove MDM profile on iPhones so they can keep using the device in any way they wish. The problem is the MDM profile manager/owner can pretty much do anything they want remotely. That means something as minor as changing the wallpaper on your iPhone to wiping all the private data from the device without any forewarning.

While this is an excellent tool for business owners, schools, and other organizations that let users borrow iOS devices for important work, it does create a bit of unbalanced power over the operation of an iPhone or iPad. MDM locks are used for:

  • A school borrowing program where content restrictions are implemented to avoid adult content from younger eyes.
  • Removing any social media access from employees while on work-owned iOS devices.
  • Restricting contacts for legal or healthcare-related professionals so there are no privacy violations.
  • Preventing any Wi-Fi, cellular, or Bluetooth connections while in a location to protect sensitive information.

The Power of iDelock for iOS

The easiest way to find a bypass MDM restrictions on iPhone/iPad is with the powerful software from WooTechy called iDelock. This iOS-friendly software allows anyone to unlock the device in question so all the features can be fully utilized. This application works with all iOS versions and places a new firmware on your device so you can once again take advantage of the apps, communication, entertainment, and other features of your iPhone.

Features of iDelock iOS:

  • No experience is necessary because of the clean UI and guided instructions.
  • Includes a free tool in the trial version that checks to make sure your device is compatible.
  • Highly useful to delete MDM device management on school iPad that may have been incorrectly modified.
  • Easily bypass MDM locks, Apple ID, screen locks, and Screen Time passcodes.

Full Guide to MDM Bypass

Using the MDM bypass tool iDelock from WooTechy is intuitive and easy to understand. You don’t need to be some kind of IT expert because the entire process is laid out step-by-step on the software screen. For example:

Steps to bypass MDM with iDelock

Step 1. Install iDelock and open the software, then click on Bypass MDM. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer, and be sure to trust your device. 

Step 2. Choose a situation based on your demand:

Situation 1: Lockout of MDM screen

Situation 2: Device is supervised and managed by other organization

Situation 1: Device is locked out of the MDM lock screen

  • Tap on Bypass MDM >Start to Bypass. After this, the bypass will begin.
  • Once MDM on your device has been bypassed, click Don’t Transfer Apps & Data when setting up Apps & Data on your device.

Note: The MDM will reappear if you reset the device after bypassing, but you can always unlock the same device with iDelock before the license expires.

Situation 2: Device is supervised and managed by other organization

  • To proceed, click Remove MDM > Start. Then, iDelock will bypass your iOS device’s MDM. After a few minutes, your MDM will be successfully bypassed.

Before you think this tool is used by hackers and those looking to steal private information, consider how many practical scenarios exist for completely innocent reasons.

Scenario 1: 

You are the IT manager for a school and have to update the borrowed iPads from a class of students. Typically, you would just log in via the MDM system, but some of the kids have tried to use new passcodes, so you cannot get access. Instead of being locked out, you simply plug in the device to your PC and bypass the MDM so you can regain control.

Scenario 2: 

An angry ex has tried to take over your device by enabling MDM when your iPad was left unattended one night. You worry they will start going through all your private messages, even when there is nothing to find. You quickly run the MDM bypass tool iDelock and regain full ownership of your device before anything else can happen.


The point is you should never be out of control of your device. There are many reasons why a student, employee, or individual needs to use all the features of an iPhone or iPad. Using an MDM bypass tool allows people to take full advantage of their device once again.

To learn more about iDelock or download the free trial and check if it will work with your iOS device, visit WooTechy iDelock today. This exceptional application will save you time, stress, and money. Download today and see for yourself the capabilities of iDelock.

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