Rumor says Apple is working on a 14-inch iPad Pro (with a M2 processor)

Majin Bu, a Twitter leaker, says Apple is working on a new 14-inch iPad Pro that will pack a M2 processor. (An “iPad Pro Plus,” perhaps?)

From his tweet: According to my resource, Apple is developing a new 14.1-inch iPad M2 with 512GB and 16GB of base memory.  The new M2 line is expected to include a new 11-inch model with no major changes, a new 12.9 model with reduced bezels and this new 14.1 iPad.

Most likely it will be presented together with the airports in the October / November event .… As usual don’t take this news too seriously, however considering the new developments from Apple I think they are true ….I think the more expensive models could go over $3,000.

This isn’t the first time rumors of an “iPad Pro Plus” have come up. With Apple touting the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement/alternative and Microsoft offering a 15-inch Surface Book, would there be a market for a 14-inch iPad Pro (an “iPad Pro Plus”)?

Of course, some folks find the 12.9-inch iPad Pro too awkward for use as a tablet. I don’t. Since I sometimes use it instead of a laptop, an even bigger model sounds interesting.

I’d at least consider a 14-inch iPad Pro, especially if iPadOS 16—- previewed this week atApple Worldwide Developer Conference — makes the tablet even easier to use in lieu of a Mac laptop. Would you like a bigger iPad Pro?

The accompanying mock-up is courtesy of Line17.

Dennis Sellers
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