Apple patent filing involves an Apple Watch with a bigger, flexible display

This flexible Apple Watch concept is courtesy of Hongkiat.

Apple has filed for a patent (number 20220163997) for a “bi-stable spring with flexible display” for a future Apple Watch.

About the patent filing

The patent could also apply to other devices such as the iPhone and iPad. However, the accompanying images deal mainly with a smartwatch. In the patent, Apple says that, if care isn’t taken, electronic devices with displays “may not have a desired appearance or may be difficult to use satisfactorily.” 

For example, displays may be bulky and unattractive or may not accommodate a desired electronic device shape. One solution: wider, more flexible screens with curved surface profiles.

Summary of the patent filing

Here’s Apple’s abstract of the patent filing: “A wearable accessory device is disclosed. The wearable accessory device includes a flexible display coupled to a bi-stable spring. Coupling the display to the bi-stable spring allows the accessory device to be easily worn in a number of convenient locations.”

Dennis Sellers
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