How to transfer WhatsApp chats from an Android device to an iPhone

WhatsApp Messenger (better known as simply WhatsApp) is an internationally available American freeware, cross-platform centralized instant messaging and voice-over-IP service owned by Meta Platforms. 

However, it doesn’t offer a way to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone currently. Thankfully, there’s a solution to that: AnyTrans from iMobie. It’s an app that covers nearly all types of iPhone data.

Benefits of using AnyTrans

There are several benefits to using AnyTrans to transfer WhatsApp chats from an Android device to an iPhone. The process is easy, fast, and comprehensive.

Not only can you transfer WhatsApp chats directly from an Android device to an iPhone, but you can restore WhatsApp chats to an Apple smartphone from an Android WhatsApp backup.

There’s no need to reset your iPhone, and existing content on it won’t be erased.

AnyTrans offers support to transfer all WhatsApp chats — even including attachments. The chat history structure will be kept even after everything is moved to your iPhone. This means you can get started right from where you left off.

AnyTrans supports all Android device models from all manufacturers.

Here’s how to Transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone with AnyTrans

Step 1. Download AnyTrans on your computer. Connect your Android and iPhone to the computer via USB cables. Click on the “Social Messages Manager” mode.

Step 2. Click on WhatsApp to Device > Then tap on the “Transfer Now” option to continue.

Step 3. Select your Android to be the source phone and your new iPhone to be the target phone. Click on the “Next” button to transfer WhatsApp messages to your new iPhone.

Step 4. Follow the pop-up instructions in AnyTrans to continue. Backup your WhatsApp on your Android. Install the enhanced version  of WhatsApp on your Android. Allow access to the Phone Storage in WhatsApp.

Step 5. Log in your WhatsApp on your Android and Tap the Restore button (his will restore the backup you just made to the current enhanced version of WhatsApp). Then click Next in AnyTrans.

Step 6. AnyTrans will start to transfer WhatsApp data to your iPhone.

Now download AnyTrans on your computer to transfer WhatsApp messages to your new phone:

For more details, you can also refer to the guide page for transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone >

If you’ve backed up WhatsApp data on Google Drive, then you can also transfer WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone via AnyTrans. It helps the users who change Android to iPhone, or who can not restore WhatsApp from Google Drive. Here are the steps:

° Open AnyTrans and Connect New iPhone. Also, open AnyTrans and connect your new iPhone via USB cable > Go to Social Messages Manager > Move the mouse to Restore WhatsApp.

° Choose Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive Backup.

° Log in to Google Account and View Backup History. Once you sign in to your Google account, you can view all your WhatsApp backup history. Choose one backup file and continue.

Access WhatsApp Files. Here you can directly restore attachments like WhatsApp photos, audio, etc. If you’d like to restore messages or calls, please keep reading.

° Get Authorization and Decrypt WhatsApp Messages. To get authorization, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to finish. Then, WhatsApp chats will be decrypted and you can choose to restore. Also, you can transfer to a computer or print your chat history.

Restore WhatsApp Backup to iPhone Successfully.

Also, check out this YouTube video about transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to an iPhone.

Other benefits of AnyTrans

Besides facilitating WhatsApp chats from an Android device to an iPhone, AnyTrans can also help with moving other content such as photos, messages, contacts, call logs, ringtone, etc. 

And the iMobie utility isn’t just a one-time tool for data transfer; it’s  it’s also an iPhone manager that will help save you  time and effort when tackling a variety of tasks.  Your can use it to back up an iPhone automatically, make custom ringtones, backup/upgrade/manage iPhone apps, mirror an iPhone screen to computer, and much more.

Especially for those moving from Android to an iPhone, AnyTrans will help solve many issues before they completely dive into iOS. 

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