Court dismisses Apple iCloud subscription deception lawsuit

Apple has dodged —- at least for now — a proposed class suit alleging it tricks customers about the costs of iCloud storage, reports Bloomberg Law. A federal court in California said the customers failed to adequately explain how the company’s recurring charge notification was deficient or how they were fooled.

In Rutter Vs. Apple, plaintiffs alleged that Apple deceived customers by making them think 5GB of free storage would be enough for users. They also argued that Apple charged users without consent to renew their storage and failed to disclose its cancellation policy.

However, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California says the plaintiffs didn’t support their claims under California’s auto renewal law, which requires certain disclosures and customer consent before a subscription is renewed. Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. also said that the plaintiffs:

° Also failed to support claims that Apple didn’t properly disclose its iCloud cancellation policy, the court said, pointing out that the terms include the cancellation policy and a description of where and how users can cancel the service.

° Didn’t include enough detail to satisfy the heightened pleading standard applicable to their claims under California consumer protection statutes, it said.

° Failed to show that Apple breached a promise to explain how users could stay under the free initial 5GB storage ceiling. 

However, the plaintiffs may amend their complaint and refile it.

Dennis Sellers
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