Apple’s Mac laptop sales rise as the Chromebook market share hits its lowest point in five years

Apple’s Mac laptop sales continued to rise in the first quarter of 2022, as Chromebook market share hits its lowest point in five years, according to a new report by Strategy Analytics. Apple’s Mac carried the momentum from last two quarters as shipments reached 6.1 million MacBooks during the first quarter, a 4% growth from the first quarter of 2021,

The total notebook market was only down 7% in quarter one compared to last year, as demand for commercial business stayed strong for Mac laptops powered by M.x-processors and Windows 11 PC. Most enterprise and small-to-medium business clients are still choosing hybrid work options and spending extra for quality products. Strategy Analytics Analyst Eric Smith says Dell and Apple were good examples of the growth segments of the market.

“ChromeOS shipments suffered as education demand continued to slow down and consumer upgrades for Chromebook were at the lowest point, even compared to pre-pandemic levels,” says analyst Chirga Upadhyay. “The Chromebook business is very small but remains very important for top vendors, as they are keeping good inventory before education demand kicks off in quarter two of 2022 in main markets. Chromebook is still making an impact in new markets albeit slowly as the public sector look to spend towards cheaper devices for education.”

Dennis Sellers
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