Catalyst iPhone 13 Pro Max Total Protection Case is an excellent all-around case

By Chris Gannon

I’ve been using the US$89.99 Catalyst iPhone 13 Pro Max Total Protection Case for a few weeks now, and this is one excellent case. 

It creates a waterproof and drop proof barrier for your smartphone. The iPhone fits snug into the case, but is not too challenging to remove if you need or want to remove your phone.

The case boasts that it is 500% more waterproof than leading competitors (brands you may be more familiar with). I cannot vouch for what 500% more waterproof protection offers over other cases, as I did not compare this case with others. Still, I can safely say that this case can provide a waterproof casing for your iPhone. 

I didn’t feel like dropping my phone a bunch of times to test the drop protection, but there’s no doubt that this phone will protect your phone a great deal in the event of a drop. The case completely covers the phone. A phone, in this case, would not necessarily need any additional screen protection – though there is room to have one on your screen still if you choose. 

As with any case of this type, the touch screen takes a little time to get used to with the screen protection. However, it doesn’t interfere with things enough to make any substantial difference in the user experience. This case and the protection it offers is a fine choice if you want a phone case with an included screen guard. 

The size of the case is probably my favorite feature. Often in cases with this level of protection, you have to sacrifice on size (meaning they are usually very bulky). This case does an excellent job of finding the right balance of protection while not adding too much bulk. The corner attachments also allow for the addition of an included strap that some users will undoubtedly find very useful. 

If you are in the market for an iPhone 13 Pro Max case that offers a great deal of protection, the Catalyst is a great choice. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★1/2

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