SwitchEasy MagPower 4-in-1 is useful for those who own multiple Apple devices

SwitchEasy’s new MagPower 4-in-1 is a 40W MagSafe charging dock that charges four devices simultaneously. And, overall, it’s a fine accessory and worth the US$84.99 price tag.

It’s not as full featured as some multi-device chargers, such as the $129 (and up) NYTSTND (see my review) or the $399.99 Kensington StudioDock (see my review), but it takes up less desktop space (well, mostly) and is more affordable.

It also supports MagSafe, which, per Apple, “improves wireless charging for a better, more efficient experience and introduces an ecosystem of easy-to-attach accessories”  that complement iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 smartphones. It features an array of magnets around the wireless charging coil that connect to the smartphone and provide up to 15W of power.

MagSafe is an excellent feature, and I wouldn’t consider buying an iPhone that didn’t support it. So the MagPower 4-in-1 has that going for it. Plus, you can have your iPhone magnetically attached in portrait or landscape modes — and change the orientation with a simple twist.

But that’s not all. It sports a built-in, 3-intensity ambiance backlight that  turns on with just a tap (and charging an iPhone on the pad will automatically turn the backlight on). The MagPower’s base LED shows proper alignment and charging status, so you can make sure all your devices are properly connected and being juiced up.

As mentioned, the SwitchEasy charger can charge up to four devices. Three of those — an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods/AirPods Pro (with a charging case) — attach to the MagPower itself. A fourth device can be charged by plugging in a connecting cable to the charger’s USB port. Of course, once you do this, you’re taking up more desktop real estate.

Overall, the MagPower 4-in-1 is a good peripheral for owners of MagSafe-compatible iPhones and at least two other Apple devices.

Review overview


The Pros

  • MagSafe compatible
  • Relatively compact
  • Reasonably priced

The Cons

  • Adding a fourth device takes up more desktop real estate


9.2SwitchEasy’s MagPower 4-in-1 is a recommended accessory for folks with multiple Apple devices.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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