Yoink is a handy shelf app for macOS that makes dragging and dropping less cumbersome

Yoink for macOS

Yoink is a handy ”shelf” app that can streamline the workflow on your Mac in a “hold these files for me while I do something else for a while” kind of way. And the latest version (3.6.5)  brings back and reimagines the defunct-since-macOS-Big-Sur Clipboard History Widget and more. 

Yoink provides a temporary space (a “shelf”) for files you drag from Finder, or app-content, like images from websites. When you drag something on your Mac, the app pops up at the edge of your screen so you can temporarily stash the item there. Then you can navigate to the file or folder you want them “permanently” stored in and drag ‘em out of Yoink.

This comes in very handy if you constantly drag and drop or juggle files. And Yoink 3.6.5 gets even better in a couple of areas.

Clipboard history

The app’s clipboard history can keep a record of everything you copy, which makes it easy to re-copy anything you’ve previously copied. The Yoink widget offers quick access to your recent copies. And you can configure it to your liking. For instance, you might want it to provide you a complete history, or only texts, images, links, files, or pinned items.

Various keyboard options

You can now click on an item in the widget and it gets copied to your clipboard. Option-click on an item, and it will appear in Yoink’s shelf for you to drag out later. Command-click on an item, and you will be brought to the Clipboard History Browser, which is new in 3.6.5 as well and allows you to organize your copies. Shift-click on an item, and it gets pinned. This means it won’t get deleted once the threshold of copied items is reached.

Other benefits

Another thing that’s really cool is that Yoink for the Mac also offers deep integration with iOS/iPadOS via the Yoink app in the App Store. Using Handoff, you can transfer files between all the devices you’re running Yoink on (Macs, iPads and iPhones.) Along the same lines, Yoink supports Continuity Camera, so you can import document scans, photos and sketches right from your iOS devices. And with its Share extension and system services, you can send files and app-content to Yoink without using drag and drop.

System requirements

To use Yoink for Mac, you need a Mac running macOS 10.12 Sierra or newer (macOS Monterey or newer is recommended). Version 3.6.5 runs natively on Apple Silicon and Intel Macs. It’s It’s localized in English, German, French, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean and Portuguese

Yoink is available on the Mac App Store for US$7.99 and is also part of the Eternal Storms Productivity Bundle on the Mac App Store with the  ScreenFloat and Transloader tools at ~25% off. 

Yoink is also available on Setapp, a subscription service for Mac apps. A free, 30-day trial is available at the product website.

Review overview

Ease of use10
Handoff support10

The Pros

  • Simplifies moving
  • copying files
  • Handoff integration is great

The Cons

  • Not everyone will need a file drawer


10Moving or copying files can be a drag (pun intended). Yoink helps make the process less cumbersome.

Dennis Sellers
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