When will Apple fix the Magic Mouse? (Yanko Design has a great idea!)

Apple has released some really cool products in the past year and has even more planned for this year. However, I’m disappointed that Apple hasn’t fixed the big problem with the Magic Mouse: the inability to use it while it’s charging. 

The charging port is still on the bottom of the mouse, which means you have to turn it over (upside down) and plug in a Lightning cable to juice it up. Sure, a fully charged Magic Mouse runs for about a month before needing more juice, but I should still be able to use it while it’s charging.

I’d love to see Apple come out with a mouse like one inspired by Yanko Design. As pictured, it would make the Magic Mouse more comfortable to use, and also gives it a new, highly-needed feature in the form of a wireless charging mousepad!

Here’s what Yanko Design says about its concept: Created by designer Kevin Clarridge who spent a good 3 months just reviewing the shapes and forms of various ergonomic mice, the Apple Magic Mushroom Mouse (I honestly just love the name) fixes two of the most nagging problems with the mouse’s current design – firstly, the horrendously ill-designed charging system, and secondly, its poor ergonomics. With an elongated wrist-support, and a base that allows you to wirelessly charge the mouse, the Magic Mushroom Mouse positions itself as the ‘Pro’ in the mouse category. After all, the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and AirPods have Pro variants, so why not the mouse??

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Dennis Sellers
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