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Here’s what you need to view encrypted security camera footage in iCloud with HomeKit Secure Video

When you subscribe to iCloud+, you can use HomeKit Secure Video to store video from home security cameras in iCloud. You can view your footage from anywhere, and it remains private and secure.

What is HomeKit Secure Video?

With HomeKit Secure Video, you can add your home security cameras in the Home app to record your footage and view it from anywhere. It’s all end-to-end encrypted, and none of the video counts toward your iCloud storage. You can access HomeKit Secure Video on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple TV.

The video is privately analyzed by your home hub using on-device intelligence to determine if people, pets, or cars are present. You can view the last 10 days of activity in the Home app.

iCloud+ plans for HomeKit Secure Video

The number of HomeKit Secure Video cameras you can add to Home depends on your iCloud+ plan.

  • 50 GB plan: Add a single camera.
  • 200 GB plan: Add up to five cameras.
  • 2 TB plan: Add an unlimited number of cameras.

Share security recordings with others

You can invite other people who use iCloud to share control of your home and view video from your cameras in the Home app.

Everyone you share with can view live camera streams when they are at home. You decide if they can view recordings and stream video remotely, and if they can manage your cameras.

If you set up Family Sharing, members of your Family Sharing group can add cameras to your home.

(This how-to is based on my experiences and info on Apple’s support pages.)

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