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Award-winning Luminar AI Bundle only $79.99

The award-winning Luminar AI Bundle offers AI photo editing software with a photography course and ready-to-use templates. Now, thanks to a new Apple World Today deal, you can get it for only US$79.99. That’s 80% off the regular price.

Here’s what’s included in the bundle:

Luminar AI: Lifetime License for Mac & Windows

Intelligent photo editor with an intuitive workflow and one-click solutions for complex tasks. Luminar AI is a trusted and complete photo editor from Skylum Software. With more than 100 tools powered by artificial intelligence, Luminar AI helps you make complex edits fast. Retouch portraits and create captivating magazine-quality landscapes without spending hours and lots of effort.

  • App/plugin. Can be used as a standalone app and as a plugin for Photoshop & Lightroom
  • All AI tools are exclusive. Can be found ONLY in Luminar
  • Adjustable features. Solve routine tasks as fast as possible
  • No learning curve. Just follow a short introduction to dive into editing
  • AI-suggested templates. Based on analysis of uploaded images; Templates are adjustable presets by professional photographers that help you start editing
  • Consistent look. All edits can be copied & applied to a series of images
  • Landscape tools. Make any edits in seconds
    • Change the sky with Sky AI
    • Enhance the scene with mist or fog in Atmosphere AI
    • Change the lighting with the Sunrays tool
  • Skin AI & Face AI. Fully retouch portraits in less than three minutes. Specific tools help you work on details, such as eyes or your subject’s smile

Templates: Extraordinary Landscapes

Extraordinary Landscapes Templates work perfectly on landscape images and epic mountain sceneries. You can apply the Template/Look that best suits your image, whether you’re aiming for a rich, colorful landscape or a dramatic one. These templates would enhance landscape photos as needed, ranging from softer to more robust edits and working mainly on colors, lights, and shadows. If you aspire to give a unique look to your images, this pack is for you.

  1. Säntis
  2. Grindeldwald
  3. Quiraing
  4. Vágar
  5. Senja
  6. Pehoé
  7. Sarek
  8. Ullapool
  9. Seceda
  10. Wanaka
  11. Gardena
  12. Alpstein

Templates: B&W Portraits

The black and white portrait is a classic, but expanding the varieties of this style is bound to make your creativity shine. Discover 10 fascinating Templates that will help you create portraits that are stripped down to their core yet beautifully unique. When creating this collection, the Skylum Team was Inspired by the glow of old movies, magazine covers, and the latest fashion trends. With shadow play, matte looks, textures, colored accents, and more, you will certainly find a Template in this collection that can make your model look incredible.

  1. Сhiaroscuro. Enhances super contrast; suitable for photos with harsh light & those that have sharp transitions from light to shadow
  2. Razor Blade. Enhances clarity &contrast for a sharp and fresh look in your portraits
  3. Movie Classics. Want to recreate that feeling in old movies? Choose this template with added Glow & Film Grain for atmospheric portraits
  4. Matte Black. Has a raised black point complete with matte shadows & a touch of Film Grain to give a unique look to your models
  5. Soul Eyes. Inspired by the classic covers of Esquire magazine, this Template adjusts clarity & contrast, giving an extra accent to the eyes as well as applying FaceAI
  6. Carbon. A low contrast B&W Template that pulls your viewers right in
  7. Duality. Try this Template for photos of a human subject against the blue sky. You will see a pleasing result with a balanced brighter skin & darker sky
  8. Dust Play. Add an edgy feeling to your portrait with highlights & a realistic and unique texture of dust and scratches.
  9. Colorize. Discover an absolutely unique spin on the black & white style with a colored gradient to make your photos stand out
  10. Indigo. This Template channels toned shadows & highlights for a different vibe in your photos

Templates: Postcard Travel Pack

These Templates were created to evoke the feeling of adventure and travel. Enhance your vacation photos with adventurous Templates by the Skylum Team that channel the look and feel of real postcards. Inspired by the slightly faded look of classic New York City postcards, the warmth of Miami’s palm beaches, the futuristic lights of Tokyo, and other sources of inspiration, these Templates will easily transform your collection of photos into breathtaking mementos. Each comes with a built-in frame that recreates the look of a classic postcard. Time to buy some stamps!

  1. New York. Recreate an atmospheric, contrasting blockbuster look with bright yellow toning for that classic New York City postcard feel
  2. London. This Template in low contrast & with a slightly raised black point and a little bit of fog perfectly captures the feeling of London’s rainy streets
  3. Tokyo. The biggest city in the world, Tokyo never sleeps, & that’s why this neon Template works perfectly against the dark backdrop of the night
  4. Toronto. Create a glowing sunset feeling over Toronto with a gradient flare Texture that is bound to amaze
  5. Dubai. This Template channels an industrial, concrete, & glass atmosphere with a slightly warm accent. It works with EnhanceAI and StructureAI to bring you the best effect
  6. Berlin. A unique atmospheric Template that emulates film for that perfect Berlin blend of cozy coffee shops & industrial buildings
  7. Paris. A soft, tender Template with a barely-there pink hue for postcards to your dearest people straight from the city of love
  8. Sydney. The Sydney Template brings a bright, light, volumetric & vivid look with cyan hues that makes you dream of the Pacific Ocean
  9. Miami. A warm atmospheric Template with typical blockbuster-style toning for all your photos of palm beaches & the luxurious life
  10. Capetown. This vivid, structured Template gives you the feeling of freedom from the vast Capetown beaches

Learn Lifestyle Photography eCourse

Expand knowledge with an exclusive tutorial on lifestyle photography. In this StackSocial Bundle, we’ve prepared a complete course on lifestyle photography from Dan and Chelle, a husband and wife photography team. They share their photography process, from planning their photoshoot to editing the Luminar AI shots. You’ll get dozens of valuable tips on location scouting, basics of posing, self-portraits, and storytelling.

  • Learn how to plan your photoshoot & what photo gear is best for life stories
  • Discover ways to emphasize your heroes with the surroundings & action in the frame
  • Follow the guide to set the scene, light, & background for your models
  • Discover the basics of editing lifestyle images in Luminar: how to use exposure adjustments & mood enhancements, and what instruments are helpful for emotional portraits
  • Check out how self-portraits help you find & improve your photo style
  • Find ways to share your creations with the world & find new customers
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