News items you should check out: Jan. 17

Since I can’t cover everything, I’ll often direct your attention to articles from various other sources worth your time.

° From Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, Apple’s CarKey feature is set for its first expansion beyond BMW

° From Euroweekly News: A number of stores have been robbed in the Valencian Community by six hooded men described as a “Porsche gang.” The largest haul came at the Apple store on Colón de València Street, where they took 147 mobile phones, iPad tablets and computers.

° From FingerprintJS: A software bug introduced in Safari 15’s implementation of the IndexedDB API that lets any website track your internet activity and even reveal your identity.

° From iMore: Apple is going to allow dating apps to use third-party payment systems but only in the Dutch App Store.

° From Gartner Inc.: Sixty-four percent of consumers have identified trying to keep their work-self and personal-self separate, according to Gartner, Inc. A Gartner survey of 1,752 consumers during October 2021 identified the top consumer and cultural trends for marketers in 2022.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
Dennis Sellers is the editor/publisher of Apple World Today. He’s been an “Apple journalist” since 1995 (starting with the first big Apple news site, MacCentral). He loves to read, run, play sports, and watch movies.

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