How to use the iPad for study and deep learning

Using an iPad in school has become very common. For some students, it replaces a laptop and notebooks. 

The most obvious advantage is its light weight. There is no need to carry dozens of notebooks because all the notes can be stored on the iPad. To make using the tablet more convenient, Apple suggests using a stylus (the Apple Pencil) for writing on the screen and a keyboard case. The stylus makes it easier to write notes by hand, makes it possible to make drawings, graphs, sketches. 

The keyboard provides the strengths of a laptop by providing the ability to quickly convert text into letters. You will notice that modern trends in education are aimed at simplifying processes. A great example is cheap writing services, in which a team of professionals that helps students write high-quality work. Thus, students can focus on higher priority tasks or get professional help in writing essays.

Another advantage of an iPad is that you do not need to switch between textbooks and hundreds of sheets of paper notes. This helps students learn more effectively. The ability to quickly find the necessary information, prepare a high-quality presentation or speech are all about the concept of deep learning.

iPad for studying

The iPad is often perceived as a gadget on which people read before going to bed, watch movies while traveling, playing, and draw. But it has been able to do much more for a long time. A tablet is a versatile work tool that empowers professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Here are just a few examples of how this device can be applied.

Simplifying note taking

The results of tests and exams largely depend on the completeness and quality of notes. Perhaps you are tired of writing by hand, do not want to carry a stack of notebooks with you, or put a heap of cards in a file. Editing digital files are easier and faster.  Also, consider using the Internet to help you check assignments or find useful materials. Even many lecturers prefer to do their homework through e-learning or provide tutorials online.

The most popular note-taking app is Notability. Everything in it is easily sorted and quickly customized. There are folders, in the categories (subjects), and in the categories, there are already notes. Sometimes it is more convenient to take out each lesson in a separate note on topics, somewhere to write everything in one linked text. Notability is well-indexed and easily searched. Lines and geometric shapes straighten themselves, so if you have the time and desire, you can make your notes beautiful.

You can also use Apple Pencil to record lectures by converting handwritten text to digital format (no more reading bad handwriting). If you don’t like writing by hand, the Smart Keyboard will help you. It connects to the tablet in a second and doesn’t need to be charged. It is also a convenient stand, and, when folded, a cover. An iPad keyboard is as indispensable as a charger. 

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Diagrams and graphs – is it easier to use a laptop?

The tablet provides all the possibilities for comfortable work and study. The tablet is designed to replace most of the commonly used laptop functions. If you need to build complex graphs and diagrams, you may have previously used Excel. Of course, you can also continue using this program on your iPad.

However, you can consider the options to Microsoft that are offered by Apple. Pages is a highly functional document editor for iPad. The main types of formatting are supported, there are a large number of fonts, and you can add tables, charts, multimedia. 

Also, it should be noted that the diagrams and tables that you can make here are very visual, colorful and have wide customization capabilities. Also, the application offers several dozen colorful templates to choose from. All your notes can be exported to .doc and PDF files.

In the educational process, you will have to make presentations, perhaps frequently. The key to a successful presentation is the right topic. If you can’t come up with one in any way, use the ready-made ideas. 

For example, a great option to choose is 20 best networking presentations. It’s a common topic and, by the way, a very useful skill. After that, start researching and building quality justifications using diagrams, statistics and pictures. It’s another point of deep learning concept: focus on the study rather than conditions and preparation.

Regular books or e-books?

This question has arisen often over the past few years. On the tablet, students can use electronic versions of textbooks and workbooks. Many say that this is inconvenient because it is impossible to bookmark and leave notes. However, the iPad has some great e-book apps. You can bookmark them and move between notes in the file. You can also use the stylus to write notes in the margins. 

Of course, we cannot fail to mention the fact that e-books take only the memory of the tablet. You don’t need to carry heavy books and textbooks in your backpack.

The bottom line

So, if you are thinking about whether it is worth buying an iPad for study, then our answer that it’s definitely worth it! You will not regret this purchase, because it will make the educational process easier, engaging and enjoyable!

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