13 MacBook 2021 myths you shouldn’t believe. Switching from Windows to Mac

By Jeannie Bray

Are you considering switching from your regular PC to a MacBook? Have doubts and don’t know how to choose a suitable device? Let’s dispel all the myths by the free paper writer about the Apple laptop and choose the right MacBook in 2021:

Myth 1. MacBook isn’t worth the money

The very first thing that can stop you when buying any Apple device is its cost. Users think that it’s easy to pick up a Windows-only counterpart with similar features. This may seem so only at first glance. Let’s make a comparison with the MacBook Pro 13.3″, 2021. This laptop got good characteristics. It is compact, lightweight, standalone:

  • The computer got a Retina 13.3″ screen.
  • The body of the device is made of aluminum.
  • MacBook Pro runs on an 8-core Apple M1 processor.
  • The laptop added an 8-core graphics processor.
  • The compact size of the gadget allows you to take it wherever you go.
  • OP – up to 16 GB of combined memory.

Some may think that many laptops have the same characteristics, but do not forget that the MacBook display is high quality, which is very important for professionals. Reviews about the device are positive. Laptops with the characteristics listed above, but lower in cost, look large and not as compact as the device from Apple. They do not have an aluminum chassis and a large touchpad.

Most importantly, the screens of analogs are not even close to the MacBook. If you consider devices that can compete with Apple, they come out even more expensive. Even if the counterpart has an i7 processor, it won’t outperform the MacBook with the Apple M1 chip. With the release of its processor, Apple has made a breakthrough in performance and speed, leaving the competition behind. The M1 chip is designed specifically for the Mac. The M1 chip-based system (SoC) houses many powerful components and dramatically uses a unified memory architecture to improve performance and efficiency.

Designed using 5-nanometer technology, the Apple processor takes up a minimum of space in the MacBook chassis while packing up 16 billion transistors. The chip is powerful and energy-efficient. Apple’s M1-powered MacBook is up to 3.5 times faster, while the graphics processor is up to six times faster, and machine learning is up to 15 times faster. And thanks to the laptop’s energy efficiency, battery life increases by up to two times. The emergence of the Apple M1 chipset was an essential component in choosing an Apple laptop.

Apple introduced the Apple Silicon M1 processor also its compact MacBook Air. It overtakes the competition in both speed, design, and “stuffing.” With the new M1 chip, MacBook Air is up to three times faster than its Windows-based counterparts, up to nine times faster than last year’s Air, twice as fast as its SSD and GPU, and up to five times faster than its graphics processor.

Thanks to the Apple M1 chipset’s low power consumption, the MacBook Air lasts up to 15 hours of battery life and up to 18 hours of video playback. For those looking for a quiet and light notebook, it’s a great option. The MacBook Air gets almost no heat at all because it has no fans, which attracts many users.

Cache in MacBook is 64 MB, while its counterpart, for example, Asus – 4 MB. MacBook has two Type-C ports, which work through adapters, so it’s easy to connect different devices to the notebook. Earlier analogs overtook the Apple devices by SSD capacity. Now Apple releases devices with different storage capacities: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB. If you look for MacBook analogs in all the main parameters, they will cost more, and the quality and characteristics will be inferior to Apple devices.

MacBooks that are more than 5 years old don’t lose much in value, while analogs become very cheap at the end of that period. It means that the MacBook is valued in the secondary market because it performs to its full potential even after several years. If you evaluate all the reviews, characteristics, the Apple laptop is worth its money. Only at first glance, analogs seem cheaper and even more productive, but if you dig deeper and consider all the characteristics in more detail, the price of the MacBook is justified.

Myth 2: Few programs in MacOS

MacOS is made for a certain number of devices, and Windows is made for many devices from different companies. Windows needs a lot of drivers to maintain top performance and smooth operation of various devices, while MacOS runs identically on all Apple laptops. Often users are stopped from buying by the idea that MacOS has no office programs. You can easily download the standard Microsoft Office suite, type your query into Google, and you’ll immediately get a website and a link to download the office suite you’re used to. The feature set isn’t much different from the package you used to use on Windows. MacOS is very easy to use, and even with it and the above features, Apple laptops are worth their price.

Often users think that the MacBook won’t have the programs they used on their Windows laptops. It’s hard to find in reviews that someone lacked some applications to use an Apple laptop fully. It happens, but there are also many programs in macOS that you won’t find on Windows. And if you want to use a program that’s not on macOS, you can always install Windows, even on your MacBook.

With new system updates, like macOS Monterey, you’ll get even more programs and tools to work more comfortably and faster on your Apple laptop. The development of OS and app updates is built into the original price of Apple computers, so you won’t have to pay twice.

Myth 3: It’s hard to open files

People think it’s hard to work with files on their MacBooks – opening them and sending them to colleagues. The solution to this problem is to save your files in the correct format. When you keep your documents, make sure you select the valid configuration for your files so they will open on both MacOS and Windows.

Myth 4: I won’t be able to work on macOS

Are you afraid that you won’t be comfortable working on macOS if you’ve always used Windows? Many people, even at an advanced age, are switching to macOS, and they’re doing well. Yes, they use the prompts, but they quickly get used to it and have no trouble working on the device later on.

MacBook is designed, so users feel comfortable using it. Its price is entirely justified, the reviews speak for themselves, and the features are high. If you still have questions, you can always ask a Maxime expert and take a course designed for people who are going to switch from Windows to MacOS. It will help you get used to the new operating system quickly.

The following joint review is that the laptop is hot and noisy, burning your knees. Partly the study is justified, but do you know a computer that will not heat up at all? If this point is crucial for you, then choose MacBook Air. Laptops of this model warm up minimally. You won’t even notice it. MacBook heats up because it is made out of aluminum, and that metal heats up quickly. If this point makes you uncomfortable, then buy a unique stand for your laptop. This way, you will solve the problem without looking for analogs from other manufacturers.

Myth 6. Hotkeys do not work

You can often see in reviews of MacBook that there is no ability to switch language, and keyboard shortcuts don’t work. All the keyboard shortcuts you’re used to in Windows work on MacOS – instead of the Ctrl key, use the Command key.

Myth 7: MacOS isn’t good for gaming

Fans of games fear that you can’t play games on MacOS. Some online reviews say the MacBook isn’t designed for gaming. It’s easy to disagree with these comments – go to the app store and choose the suitable game for you. Apple works with top manufacturers, and there are more games every year. If you can’t find the right match in the App Store, look for it on Steam: create an account and start searching for a game by name. Users who already play on MacBook leave positive feedback about it.

Myth 8: Laptop doesn’t work with external drives in NTFS

MacBook doesn’t work with external drives in NTFS, but there’s a solution! If you have a campaign with NTFS on it, install the “NTFS for Mac” application. It will give you the ability to work with external drives in NTFS format. You can find a free driver on the Internet.

Myth 9. The keyboard sticks

A butterfly keyboard used to get stuck, but newer laptops have a Magic Keyboard with comfortable keys, working on a mechanism “scissors” with a stroke length of 1 mm. The keyboard responds instantly, operates quietly, and doesn’t jam. The Touch Bar lets you quickly access commonly used functions. A separate “Escape” button helps you now switch between different modes and viewing areas.

Myth 10: Touch ID doesn’t work well on laptops

Touch ID works very poorly. It is a misconception. It’s slower than on the iPhone, but the laptop will always recognize your finger, even if it’s wet. On an iPhone with Touch ID, unlocking won’t work unless your finger is dry. If you come across a review about Touch ID performing poorly, try it yourself, and you’ll see otherwise.

Myth 11. The color “gray space” is impractical

There is an opinion that the “gray space” case collects fingerprints. This doubt is faced by users who have used a MacBook before and wonder which color to take when buying a new device. After tests, no fingerprints were left on the gray space color case. If you use your laptop a lot, get the unique stickers that come in the issue’s color: they will protect your MacBook from scratches.

Myth 12. USB Type-C is inconvenient to use

MacBook adds Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports, which leads some users to believe that you need to carry a lot of adapters and adapters to use your laptop entirely. A single USB hub is enough to connect your iPhone, Internet, and other devices. The corporation is not adding a USB-A port to the MacBook to leave the laptop’s body thin. Now the whole world is going to one common connection standard, which will be Type-C.

Myth 13. No software for programmers

You can install many professional programs on your MacBook, including programs for programmers: Xcode, Android Studio, Sketch, GitX, SequelPro, VSCode, and Dashcode. Programmers, this set is usually enough, if necessary, in a search engine to find other suitable programs.

We have found a lot of reviews and myths and dispel them. Weigh the pros and cons:

  • Look at the reviews.
  • Read the doubts you may have had before buying.
  • Make your decision.

If you’re dreading the transition to macOS after Windows, take a course from Maxime to get up to speed with Apple. To choose the suitable MacBook model, decide for yourself what tasks you’ll be doing with your laptop and match the device to the features and price.


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