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Video Repair Tool-WondershareRepairit

Everybody stores videos on their smartphones, video camera, and other devices. You may record some videos by hand-held devices, while for others, you may have downloaded them online. These videos are an essential part of your life because they remind you of good memories. 

However, a video may get corrupt for multiple reasons. And when such a catastrophic event happens, the only way left out is finding the right video repair tool to repair the video and get it back in its previous state. If your videos are corrupt or lost and you want to fix them, don’t worry; this article will help you find the right way to repair such videos and the best video repair tool to use. Keep reading. 

Part 1: Different Reasons for Video File Corruption 

Now, a video may get corrupt due to multiple reasons. For example, there could have been a technical glitch in the device that contains the video. There is probably a bad sector in the storage device you are using; there could have been a virus attack, you might have done an incorrect video file transfer, malware in a system, and so on.If you start to think about the reasons, you will find multiple of them.  

Moreover, video corruption or loss is not an uncommon event. But video corruption or loss can cause a lot of distress, mainly when the videos are essential to you. Therefore, before sharing the best way to repair corrupt videos, let’s discuss the causes of video files loss/corruption in detail. 

Reason 1: A video will have over a million bits. So, when you record, try to access it and transfer it, there is a probability for these bits to get replicated incorrectly, and when it happens, you have a corrupt video. 

Reason 2: When you try to format a card, it may get format incorrectly. And when you try to format a card using another device other than the device that recorded the video, it could get corrupt during that time. 

Reason 3: While transferring the video from the camera to a computer, the bits may get replicated incorrectly. So, even during the transfer phase, the video may get transferred damaged. 

Reason 4: You tried to transfer a video file, but there was a loss of power. When this happens, the typical result is a damaged or broken video file. 

Reason 5: If your camera has dropped or has withstood physical damage, even in that case, the video files may get corrupted, damaged, or lost. 

Part 2: How Can WondershareRepairit Help in Repairing Corrupt Video Files 

Since you know some of the reasons for video file corruption, the best way to repair such files is by using a video repair tool. And the one that you may use is Repairit by Wondershare. This powerful video repair tool can repair any kind of corrupt video efficiently. So, whether you want to restore a damaged video from a memory card, digital camera, smartphone, SD cards, action cameras, computer hard drives, and more, you can rely on Repairit to repair your videos. 

Moreover, Repairit accepts many video file formats, such as MP4, AVI, M2TS, MOV, MKV, MTS, FLV, and 3GP. Indeed, there is a gamut of video repairing tools. Repairit stands out from the rest because it is a professional video repair tool and has over a million-user base. In addition, customers trust Repairit because it can fix video files conveniently and pretty fast. So, no matter what has happened to the video and what is the reason behind its corruption or loss, as we said, Repairit will repair them all. 

Top Features of WondershareRepairit.

  • WondershareRepairit supports many video file formats. 
  • Before saving the repaired video, you can take a preview of it. 
  • The video repair tool is available for Windows and Mac PCs both. 
  • Repairit can quickly repair videos and restore them in their original quality.
  • It can conveniently restore all types of corrupted videos. 
  • If you want, you can fix multiple videos at once. 

Price For Mac and Windows 

For Windows 

One month license: $39.99

One year license: $49.99

Lifetime license: $69.99

For Mac 

One month license: $49.99

One year license: $59.99

Lifetime license: $79.99

How to Use Repairit to Repair Videos

To begin the video repairing process, you will first have to learn the steps. This step-by-step guide will explain how to use Repairit by Wondershare. 

Step 1: Download Repairit by Wondershare and Launch it  

First, you will have to visit the official website of WondershareRepairit and click on the Windows version or the Mac version. Once downloaded, click on the package file to install it. Please click on the video repair tool and launch it. Now, on the left side menu bar, click on the Video Repair option and then hit the + Add icon to add the video that you want to repair. 

Step 2: Start the Repairing Process for the Damaged Video

You will see the videos that need repairing on the video repairing tool. The repair option will be towards the bottom right. Please click on that. Whatever the error message is, Repairit will analyze it on its own and do the needful to restore it. 

Step 3: Preview the Video and Save 

Click on the preview option to take a look at the video. If you are happy with the repair done by Repairit, please click on the save option. Finally, save the file in another folder on your computer.

Closing Words

To sum up, corrupted video files can be quickly restored and repaired if you have the right video tool with you. So, go on and download WondershareRepairit and never worry about lost or corrupt video files. Whether there is one corrupt video file or multiple, WondershareRepairit will repair all kinds of videos so that you can have them back. Also, Repairit is one of the best video repair tools  and you don’t need to have the technical knowledge to start using it. Try it today. 

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