Apple among ’81 Brands That Are Changing Our World’

Apple is among the brands topping the “Wellness” category of the “81 Brands That Are Changing Our World” report by Future Commerce, the retail media research startup.

This year’s report “explores the nature of the customer who, after relying on eCommerce to meet her needs during the pandemic, has returned to brick and mortar.” According to the folks at Future Commerce, the “Wellness” category is expanding into new horizons. The Alma marketplace is making it easy for people to find mental health services, while Apple is fighting child pornography. Walmart is launching health clinics in thousands of its superstores, and doing more to ensure consumers have access to healthcare that all of our politicians combined.

Here’s what Future Commerce says about the “Wellness” category and Apple: Brands that take a holistic view of their impact on their customers,  employees, and partners show they’re influencing the physical, mental, relational and more will find gains in the market to be consistent and more stable. Reputation, NPS, retention …. the list goes on. This isn’t just about a better world. This is smart business.

Brands like Apple and Walmart are amongst the highest ranked in this list due to their outsized impact …. Apple ranks highly due to their non-hardware policy changes, which not only include privacy changes, but also a commitment to combat CSAM Child Sexual Abuse Material on iCloud.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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