Daniel Craig is right: James Bond should not be played by a woman

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“No Time to Die” will be Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond. Rumors are rife about whom will replace him. However, he says James Bond shouldn’t be played by a woman. He’s right.

“There should simply be better parts for women and actors of colour,” he told Radio Times. Why should a woman play James Bond when there should be a part just as good as James Bond, but for a woman?”

In “No Time to Die” Lashana Lynch plays a new 007 after James Bond “retires.” Of course, that retirement doesn’t last. And when the spy is recast, it shouldn’t be a woman, whether it’s Lynch or Gillian Anderson, who has said (perhaps seriously, perhaps not) that she would like the role.

How about a female 008 or the return of Jinx?

Let’s face it: James Bond is a dude. He should be played by a man. Who would want a male playing Wonder Woman or Supergirl?

Instead of a female James Bond (Jane Bond?), how about giving Lynch’s “No Time to Die” character a 008 designation and her own movie? Or bring back Halle Berry’s Jinx character from “Die Another Day” (there was talk of the character getting her own movie/series as far back as 2002).

So who should be the next James Bond?

So females aside, who should be the next James Bond? The list of rumored candidates is long, topped by Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Reg-Jean Page, Sam Heughan, Richard Madden, and more.

All are good actors. However, I think Elba (49)  and Hardy (44) are too old for the part. No, I’m not showing age-ism because I’m older than either of those guys. However, we someone who can play 007 for somewhere between 10-15 years. That’s why my choice is (drumroll, please):

Aidan Turner (pictured). The Irish actor is only 38 and has shown in the “Poldark” series that he has the smoldering intensity and physicality to play James Bond. And as the dwarf Kíli in The Hobbit trilogy (2012–2014) he shows a playful side so should be able to infuse a bit of mischief into 007. Also, he has been rumored for the role.

So Aidan Turner as the new James Bond. And you’re welcome, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson (producers of the series).

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Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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  • BBC’s Dr Who was changed to a woman, and look what happened there. They stopped making it. I don’t want to see 007 ending because of a woke decision.

  • Of course this would be a AWT opinion.
    Glad my tech feed is filled with misogynistic blather.
    #sarcasm 🙄

  • But the headline is wrong…it reads, “ DANIEL CRAIG IS RIGHT: JAMES BOND SHOULD BE PLAYED BY A WOMAN”

    Or should be “should not be..”

    Does anyone proofread anymore?

  • Jay, “misogynistic” means “strongly prejudiced against women.” Suggesting that a male character shouldn’t be played a woman is misogynistic.” On the other hand, “misandry: is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against men or boys in general. Am I a misandrist for feeling that Wonder Woman and Supergirl should only be played by females?

    And, anonymous, you are right about the wrong headline. It has been corrected. The problem is that when you’re a one-man show and proofread your own writing, things like this happen. I’ll try to do better.

  • TurtleCat: “BBC’s Dr Who was changed to a woman, and look what happened there. They stopped making it”

    They haven’t stopped making Doctor Who…the yearly special aired on January 1 of this year. Historically, there have been many times with big gaps between the end of one season and the start of the next. The last 3 seasons alone have each had a gap of at least one full year (one of them a year and a half) between them.

    Plus, there is apparently a 6-part “Event Serial” happening this year, 2 specials and a feature-length adventure to mark Jodie’s departure in 2022, and Russell T Davies is returning to the show for the 60th anniversary in 2023.

    Doctor Who is far from dead.

  • Dennis: I agree completely with Daniel Craig about the fact that there should be better roles, both “superhero” type and not, for women and people of colour.

    But I don’t know that replacing Craig with a woman would be such a bad thing. Doctor Who has been a woman for 2 seasons now, and there are more episodes planned with her for both this year and next…by which time she’ll have played the role for longer than any of the last 3 actors. And when they rebooted Battlestar Galactica, they changed both Starbuck and Boomer to women and the show ran for 4 years…which is 4 times as long as the original ran with males in those roles.

    I know I’ll still be watching 007 movies even if they have a woman playing Bond…it’s not the actor I watch for but the action, adventure and thrills.

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