Shells is developing tech for a fully functional virtual cloud desktop

A company called Shells is developing a fully functional virtual cloud desktop aimed for use by individuals, remote workers and small businesses.

Essentially the company is offering Desktop as a Service (DaaS) that enables anyone to have their own personal cloud computer accessible on any web-enabled smart device such as an iPad, Mac, or smart TV via either a web browser or an app.

Users can choose from various Linux OS desktops or Windows 10 for their operating system.

“The obvious advantage of this software is to have one’s work desktop be remotely accessible and in safety and security of the cloud servers as well for small businesses being able to deploy multiple desktops for their employees without having to purchase and ship expensive hardware for work,” says Arijan, partnership marketing manager. “Subsequently Shells functions as a VPN as all traffic gets routed through our servers.”

Pricing starts at US$9.95 per month for your “personal cloud computer.” It’s for one machine and offers 40GB of storage and 2TB of memory.

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