Apple news from Spain and Russia regarding warranties, the App Store

Although it’s unclear when it will take effect, Apple will be required to offer at least three years of warranty in Spain after the country approved a new national consumer protection standard.

The Spanish Council of Ministers recently approved extending the existing warranty period to a mandatory three years, Spain-based blog iPadizate reports as noted by AppleInsider. Along with the additional year of warranty coverage, manufacturers will be required to keep spare parts for devices for a minimum of 10 years, up from five. 

In other news, Russia says it’s fined Apple U $12 million for alleged abuse of its dominance in the mobile apps market, reports Reuters

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) says the U.S. tech giant Apple’s distribution of apps through its iOS operating system gave its own products a competitive advantage. Apple said it “respectfully disagreed” with the FAS ruling and that it would appeal it.

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